A Blue Kitchen in Rushcutters Bay

This Rushcutters Bay kitchen won many accolades in 2017 including the KBDI Kitchen Designer of the Year Award, and the NSW Large Kitchen Design Award. Here we revisit some of the striking details in this Sydney kitchen designed by Blue Tea designer Marianne that lead to it’s winning achievements. Why Blue? Blue cabinetry was a […]

The Things We Love And Hate About White Kitchens

Renovating the kitchen can be one of the biggest jobs that can undertake when remodelling your home. Like we have always said, the kitchen is the hub of the home and the room where your family will probably spend most of their time. Choosing the right colour scheme and design is vital as it is not […]

Dark kitchen Inspiration 2013

Thinking of renovating and want to verge away from popular white kitchen cabinetry? Dark kitchens offer a great alternative to white cabinetry. Whilst colour trends come and go, neutral tones such as white, grey and black are timeless. Dark kitchens are a blank canvas in which you can explore your creativity with your kitchen design. […]

Colourful Kitchen Accessories

Would you like a brighter, more colourful kitchen but don’t want to commit to permanent significant changes? Colourful kitchen accessories are a cost effective way to brighten up any kitchen. Here is a palette of autumn colour inspirations to transform your kitchen space. Sky Blue Wonder With the oppressive humidity vanishing from the summer months, autumn in Australia brings crisper, cooler […]

Gold Kitchen Love

Have you ever considered a gold kitchen? Interior spaces are becoming richer and more opulent. How about bringing that opulence into your kitchen space by experimenting with gold? You can go to the extreme with gold cabinetry, or simply accessorise with gold in your lighting, handles, kitchen products and appliance preferences. Gold Kitchens French Designer […]

Black Kitchens

Sleek, contemporary and bold, black kitchens express a sense of drama and sophistication. Black is dominant, powerful, mysterious and conservative. Once considered a masculine colour, black conveys authority with style. Black kitchens can look stunning accentuated with white, or with stainless steel features to offset the darkness. Not many people dare to do a whole […]

Colour Consultant

Whilst many of us take colour for granted, the truth is, colour greatly affects our emotions and feelings. Without colour, the world would be a dreary and bland place. The right use of colour can transform a room from boring and bland, to inspirational. Blue Tea color consultants are experts at creating just the right […]

White Kitchens

White is beautiful in the kitchen, the problem with it’s popularity is that it can sometimes appear quite standard. Below are some images that aim to inspire your new kitchen design by adding different features to make your white kitchen unique, fun and inspirational. White kitchens are timeless, elegant, modern and spacious. White reflects all […]

Kitchen Colours

Kitchen colours can be a fun and playful way to add personality to your new kitchen design. Here are a few kitchen idea’s to help you get creative with colours from kitchens sourced around the globe. These kitchens are bright, uplifting and fun and make an inspiring change from neutrals and whites. Red-hot Red Add […]

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