Frequently Asked Questions

No-one wants to make expensive mistakes with their new kitchen. That’s why it’s important to work with a professional with knowledge about the many elements that make a successful kitchen renovation. While it’s great to draw your own ideas from magazines, blogs and other research, your experienced Blue Tea kitchen designer will:

  • Recommend a design that makes the best use of your space and layout
  • Ensure your new kitchen is functional and matches your needs
  • Draw on the style and features that appeal to you
  • Offer you a wide selection of kitchen product choices that fit your budget
  • Look for ways to save you money without compromising on quality

We make sure to take our time so all of our Kitchens are masterpieces. Let’s look at the process; Some of your key requirements and expectations will be identified, then you will be matched with the designer most suited to your individual needs. The kitchen designer will meet with you at your home for a 2 to 3 hour consultation. Your kitchen will be measured and the space will be evaluated. Then a kitchen design layout will follow, with recommendations for appropriate hardware, products and colours. Finally, we will price your new kitchen for you.

Always. We know how important it is to have your dream kitchen without exceeding your budget. Your kitchen designer can offer cost saving suggestions in the design, layout and material selection. So you can choose which elements you would be happy to compromise on if budget is an issue. Plus, we keep our overheads low to make sure you get great value for money without sacrificing on quality.

Yes. We work with many styles and brand names, from well-known manufacturers to unique boutique brands. Your kitchen designer will help you select the most suitable brands for your custom kitchen.

A new kitchen is a great way to improve the resale value of your home. You don’t want to overinvest, but it’s also important not to skimp on style and quality. As you would imagine, the amount spent in different suburbs varies, such as Summer Hill, Maroubra or Mosman. Using a method similar to that of a property evaluator, we can tell you the median price being invested on a kitchen renovation in your suburb. This will help you consider what other sellers in your local area might have to offer and inform your decision about how much you should spend to attract prospective buyers.

In most cases, you won’t need council permits for internal renovations unless you are doing major structural renovations. In that instance you would need a DA approval from your local council. If you’re in doubt it is best to check with your local council.

Development Application Guide

Our designers are either interior designers with a four-year university degree or certified kitchen designers.

Yes. Our kitchen designers know how to blend traditional design elements with modern kitchen functionality. We can create a custom kitchen that will complement your home’s style and suit your space.

We have experience working with kitchen spaces of all shapes and sizes. Whether your space is small, irregularly shaped or a large combined living and dining area, your designer will prepare a kitchen solution that that brings your space to life.

Yes. We know there are many considerations in building a wheelchair accessible kitchen. And there may be several people using the kitchen. Your kitchen designer will take the time to find out the individual needs of everyone using your kitchen. Then your designer will develop a custom kitchen design that suits your needs and space.

Yes. There are many ways to make your new kitchen family friendly. We can recommend products that are more resistant to the wear and tear of everyday life, such as durable door surfaces, bench tops and hardware with a life time guarantee. We can also add safety features to your kitchen renovations.

A design only consultation gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to your kitchen renovation. For a small fee you receive kitchen plans. This means you can pass them on to your builder, use them to get quotes, or come back to us for unbeatable service and prices. This service sets us apart from most kitchen companies in Australia. We want you to have our designers input, and for a small fee you won’t regret it.

Certainly. We are happy to work off plans. In fact, it is advantageous so you can get the right function for your kitchen or bathroom. A colour consultation is recommended after the building process.

The design process is a three hour on site consultation. We measure, then we understand your needs and requirements and design a layout to suit the function and look of your space. We make material, colour and hardware recommendations. You receive hand-drawn scale plans and elevations of the space. 3D CAD drawings available at an additional price.

Our passionate designers at Blue Tea can also design your bathroom or colour scheme for your space too. Contact us to chat further about your project.

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