The Things We Love And Hate About White Kitchens

Nadia Hursky on May 2, 2015

Renovating the kitchen can be one of the biggest jobs that can undertake when remodelling your home. Like we have always said, the kitchen is the hub of the home and the room where your family will probably spend most of their time. Choosing the right colour scheme and design is vital as it is not something you can easily alter; getting it right first time is pretty important.

Kitchens come in all shapes, sizes and colours but the most popular colour tends to be white. Why is that?

The Things We Love About White Kitchens:

1.Timeless. Whichever way you look at it; white is timeless. Other colours come and go. They have their moment in the spotlight and then move on, making way for the next on trend shade but white just doesn’t grow old. Given that it looks ageless it therefore suits most interior spaces.

2. Spacious. One of the other things that white has going for it is that it makes a room look spacious. In some homes kitchens can be quite small so giving the appearance of more space is a no brainer. We all want more space so if we can’t actually have it in square feet then giving the illusion of it is the next best thing.

3. Good Resale Value. White is always popular when it comes selling on your house. For potential buyers they can relate to white. It allows them to see themselves in your house and make it their own. Colour is often representative of our personalities’ so if your kitchen is a bright or unusual colour it may put off potential buyers if they can’t see themselves there.

Things We Hate About White Kitchens:

1. Lack of Personality. Where colour can show personality, white can show lack of it. When you browse for new kitchens the majority of them will be predominantly white and therefore is the most common colour used when it comes to new kitchens.

2. Clinical. The use of white is associated with cleanliness which is a good thing, this is the kitchen we are talking about after all. However white can also look a little cold and clinical which is not a look we want for the room that we see as the heart of the home.

How To Enhance Your White Kitchen:

Although there are some downsides to using white in your kitchen there are ways you can turn the negatives into positives.

Mixing Textures. Mixing textures with white will take away any clinical appearance. Timber accents will add warmth to your kitchen and will complement the white beautifully, creating the perfect balance of clean and cosy. Below are some images showing how timber and white work beautifully together. The first image is by INT2 architects, the second is by Naturehumaine in Canada. Both kitchens show how timber can add warmth, detail and sophistication.

white kitchen with timber feature

Kitchen Lighting. In the kitchen lighting is usually pretty standard across kitchens. Lighting is a great way of creating a beautiful focal point in any room. A chandelier is both elegant and attention grabbing. It will add a distinctive glamour to your kitchen space.

white kitchen modern lighting

Detailing. It won’t be the first time that you have heard the saying, it is all in the details and the same is true when it comes to kitchens. White might feel like it doesn’t reflect your personality but it is in the details that you can add it. For example, in the image below the kitchen is completely white but the chevron patterns in the splash back and range hood add detail and interest. You can also add a burst of black, or an alternating colour to bring the white to life. Or how about adding a touch of rustic to your white kitchen by showing exposed brick walls. These are just a few ideas to make sure your white kitchen is spectacular and not boring.

galley kitchen white cabinets


If you decide on a white kitchen then it doesn’t need to look like one of the generic kitchens we see all over the country. You can truly add your own personality and make it stand out from the crowd.





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