Colourful Kitchen Accessories

Nadia Hursky on March 22, 2013

Would you like a brighter, more colourful kitchen but don’t want to commit to permanent significant changes? Colourful kitchen accessories are a cost effective way to brighten up any kitchen. Here is a palette of autumn colour inspirations to transform your kitchen space.

Sky Blue Wonder

With the oppressive humidity vanishing from the summer months, autumn in Australia brings crisper, cooler weather with stunning, endless blue skies. Colourful kitchen accessories in sky blue bring a calm, clean and fresh feeling to your kitchen.

blue kitchen plates


How about a collection of blue plates as a feature in your kitchen. Plates don’t need to be traditionally displayed in glass cabinets or on top of cupboards. These blue plates make a stunning wall feature.

chevron blue tea towel

Tea towels bring colour into your kitchen with minimal cost. Match tea towel colours and patterns with other kitchen accessories to complete your new look.

Boysenberry Beauty

Rich, warm boysenberry glimpses can be found in the changing autumn leaves. Add colourful kitchen accessories in this tone for a cosy, dramatic and bold approach that will leave you feeling warm and gooey.

purple wall paper

Adding wallpaper to your kitchen space will  change the look and feel, even if you only have a small wall—or left-over part of the wall—to fill. This one is printed on eco-friendly paper hand made in India.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Aid delivers when it comes to colour, style and functionality.

persian kitchen rug

How about adding a Persian rug to your kitchen? It is not the most practical choice, but it certainly will add colour to your kitchen and is 100% transportable if your mood changes.

kitchen flowers

You can always brighten your day and add a touch of colour with freshly cut flowers in the kitchen.

A Little Lime

Brighten your kitchen with the beautiful tones of leaves transforming from green to yellow using these colourful accessories.

lime green kitchen items

green kitchen oven

This Falcon oven is is sure to be the stand-out feature of your kitchen, if you are bold enough to use it!

green toaster

Your toaster and kettle are often left on the benchtop, so make sure they are a handsome feature. This Bodum toaster comes with a matching kettle and coffee maker.

green ghost chair

Why not add colour in your kitchen stools. These ghost chairs would look amazing in any kitchen.

Colourful kitchen accessories transform the look of your kitchen without emptying your pocket. Changing your accessories allows flexibility so that you are not tied into a colour scheme for years. Introduce our Autumn colour palette into your kitchen with tea towels, toasters and beyond for an uplifting change.