Gold Kitchen Love

Nadia Hursky on February 22, 2013

Have you ever considered a gold kitchen? Interior spaces are becoming richer and more opulent. How about bringing that opulence into your kitchen space by experimenting with gold? You can go to the extreme with gold cabinetry, or simply accessorise with gold in your lighting, handles, kitchen products and appliance preferences.

Gold Kitchens

French Designer Jean Louis Deniot designed this gold kitchen. The kitchen is opulent and luxurious, without looking over the top. The cabinets are not ultra glossy. Instead, their hammered effect gives them textural body. It also contrasts nicely with the Calcutta marble splashback and floors. The kitchen is small but memorable.

gold kitchen

Designed by Tom Dixon in collaboration with Lindholdt Studio, this gold kitchen is minimal and bold. Made out of brass, there is nothing average about this kitchen.

brass kitchen tom dixon

Green and gold make a striking combination as below.

gold kitchen with green walls

Make A Punchy Gold Statement

Love gold but want a less dramatic effect? Why not just design the finishing touches with gold? That will give you the glamour, the look and feel of gold without over-committing to it. Below are image collections of gold used in kitchen spaces.[

For a subtle approach to gold, choose small gold handles and emphasise this theme with the kitchen lighting. Here the grey cabinets look stylish with the addition of gold handles and pendant lighting.

navy cabinets- kitchen trend for 2016

How about accessorising your kitchen with gold pendant lighting to glam up your  space. 

gold pendant light

You can also use gold in your kitchen island as below.

gold kitchen island

Or how about using your kitchen range hood to add a bit of glam.

gold range hood feature


gold range hood with black marble

A brass sink can be challenging to find, but this unique addition can really make your kitchen stand out.

brass kitchen sink

How about adding gold accessories to your kitchen space like this sweet, little teapot. We love the combination of concrete, timber and gold.

gold kitchen tea pot


You can achieve many different looks by adding gold to your kitchen space. From soft and feminine gold accessories, to bold and dramatic gold kitchens, it can be used in both modern and traditional kitchen spaces. Blue Tea predicts we will be seeing a lot more of this colour in 2013 kitchen designs.





  1. Kitchen Designs says:

    I think it is an awesome and innovative idea to give a golden look to a kitchen interior. Maybe it’s not to everyones taste, but I sure like them. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. nadiah says:

      Glad you liked the ideas 🙂

  2. Martin says:

    I haven’t really thought about putting a touch of gold on our kitchen. I’m worried that it will look rusty as time passes by and I’m also concerned about the costs. I bet it’s pretty expensive for an average household. But it does look impressive… Maybe I should think about it more in the future.

  3. Kathryn Frazier says:

    This is so lovely! I must have a gold kitchen.

    1. nadiah says:

      Thanks Kathryn!

  4. livingstyles says:

    wow~~~~so luxurious!!!

  5. kristine says:

    Adding gold to the kitchen interiors and appliances is a different yet awesome idea. Using these ideas, one can convert a normal looking kitchen into an awesome looking design.

    1. nadiah says:

      Thanks Kristine!

  6. Vandita says:

    Hi Nadiah, I loved your untraditional and daring approach. would like to know more about the material .