Kitchen Colours

Nadia Hursky on September 10, 2011

Kitchen colours can be a fun and playful way to add personality to your new kitchen design. Here are a few kitchen idea’s to help you get creative with colours from kitchens sourced around the globe. These kitchens are bright, uplifting and fun and make an inspiring change from neutrals and whites.

Red-hot Red

Add a burst of vitality, energy, sophistication and confidence with red. From dusty tones to fire engine red, red can be used as highlights in the splash-back, cabinetry and kitchen accessories to uplift any space.

red kitchen

In this kitchen, bold red range-hood and chairs accentuate the defining black and white to create a strong graphic element. The effect is ordered, symmetrical and clean.   (image sourced from Modenus).

red curved kitchen

This kitchen is small, but its statement is big. The bright red island emphasises strong curving lines and a cylindrical range-hood. The kitchen is both classy and light-hearted at the same time  (image sourced from Kagozi).

Bold Blue

Blue in the kitchen is an unusual colour choice, but can look stunning when done right. From soft pale blue to bold ultramarine, the calming tones of blue suit an owner with personality.

paste blue kitchen

This kitchen uses baby blue cabinets that blend in with the wall colour to create a welcoming and cosy mood. Its soft, traditional appeal is offset with a feature chandelier and modern stools.

bright blue kitchen

This kitchen features a tiled blue splashback, and cantilevered cabinets. The white offsets the blue and gives it a nautical appeal (image sourced from Modenus).

Go Green

Green is a refreshing and rejuvenating colour. From shades of lime to forest green, it reminds us of the joys associated with nature and the outdoors. Green makes a wonderful choice when done correctly. When done incorrectly, however, green in the kitchen can look like mould.

green and white kitchen

This kitchen uses green on one side of room, balanced by white walls, white splash-back and white island cabinets. The accentuated dark warm tones of the open shelves and island bench-top unify this space so that the green is not overly powerful  (image sourced from Apartment 34).

green kitchen traditional

The view in this kitchen, life-giving and luscious, reminds us of the beauty of green. The view is reflected back into the kitchen design with green cabinets carrying our eyes towards the landscape (image sourced from Modenus).

Yes to Yellow

Yellow is happy, bright and confident. Available in endless shades from cool to warm, all yellows create a playful feel. This uplifting colour can be used in feature cabinets, splash-backs and kitchen accessories.

yellow and white kitchen

Colours speak for themselves in playful dialogue in this kitchen, with its simple geometric forms and lack of handles. This yellow space is fun and upbeat, solidified with a black floor lamp and chairs. (image sourced from Emma’s blog).

Introduce colours in the splashback or accessories of your kitchen. This involves less risk of getting the colour wrong, as it is easy to sample tiles once the kitchen is installed. Notice how the patterned tile yellow splashback brings depth and contrast to the modern form of this kitchen.

Kitchen colours can create a warm, fun and inspirational space that serves not only to function as a kitchen, but to define your interior as a unified and personalised space.




  1. Eudora Meredith says:

    I think that warm colors are more suited to kitchens: reds, yellows, oranges… or any combination of those. I personally do not like blue or green colors highlighted so much (such as in those photos above); I am not sure why, but do not like the feel of it in a kitchen. Even the nautical look does not seem right to me… A personal choice, of course, but the red touch in the first few pics above is just so uplifting; I´d definitely go for that!

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Meredith
      Blue’s and green’s are suited for spaces that we want to feel calm in, warmer colours such as reds and oranges, stimulate our appetite and are uplifting and inviting, suiting the kitchen environment. Thanks, keep in touch, it’s always nice to hear peoples opinions 🙂

  2. Lana Therese says:

    I love this article,I never really thought that the Kitchen is a place for colors… I’ve always had the dark wood feel tomy place, but this has inspired me.

    I love the combination of Hot red and black but I guess it goes back to what themes you have in the house or location etc.

    I would have to say the best Kitchen Colors would be ones that make you feel at home… i.e Orange!

    1. nadiah says:

      Thanks Lana… We will be sure to look for some more inspirational colours in the next article about kitchen colours, and to show examples of use of Orange 🙂

  3. Rico says:

    Nice article, I never really thought to much in depth into how kitchen colours can affect the overall aesthetics of a kitchen, I would have to say I am naturally drawn to the rustic red colours that enhance particular features of the first few kitchen examples

    1. parsyar says:

      Hi Rico, I would say the reds are quite vibrant, perhaps you are attracted to the energy that it brings to the kitchen.