Black Kitchens

Nadia Hursky on January 31, 2012

Sleek, contemporary and bold, black kitchens express a sense of drama and sophistication. Black is dominant, powerful, mysterious and conservative. Once considered a masculine colour, black conveys authority with style.

Black kitchens can look stunning accentuated with white, or with stainless steel features to offset the darkness. Not many people dare to do a whole colour scheme dominated by black; but black is popular for interior space accents. Even just a black splashback adds a touch of drama.

Black does not reflect, but rather absorbs light. Because of this, black can make a space feel smaller and more enclosed. Black kitchens also take more time to maintain, as dirt and scratches tend to stand out, particularly on glossy surfaces.

Check out the images below for some great ideas and inspiration for using black in your kitchen space.

Black and White Kitchens

Many people feel more comfortable by offsetting the sometimes-overpowering black with white. Black with white creates a classic, crisp and modern design aesthetic. White reflects light, making the space feel more open, and black gives authority, boldness and directness.

modern black and white kitchen

A modern black and white kitchen is timeless.

black and white traditional kitchen cabinetry

The above traditional kitchen displays crafted black cabinetry. The kitchen is contrasted by white walls, white splashback, and white benchtops.

timeless black and white kitchen

The above kitchen shows that black kitchen can still look spacious and open and timeless. Contrasted with white wall cabinets, this handless kitchen is elegant and simple, yet different.

black and white details

This two-tone black and white kitchen uses simple geometric forms to give it a playful edge.

Black and Stainless Steel

 Stainless steel compliments black extremely well. Black is dense and ambiguous. Stainless steel is sharp, precise and reflects light. The combination can be quite dramatic and looks fantastic in a kitchen setting. The light-absorbing quality of black can be used to the designer’s advantage to disguise or downplay certain features.
black and stainless steel kitchen
This contrast between black and stainless steel elements is visually stimulating in this striking black kitchen with pendant light fittings, bar stools, splashback and appliances in stainless steel.
black kitchen with stainless steel splashback


This modern black kitchen is highlighted with stainless steel handles, accessories and a splashblack. The lighting feature takes centre stage on this beautifully designed kitchen. The stainless steel fittings add dimension and leads our eye through the kitchen space.

Black Splashbacks

Not quite ready for black cabinets? How about a black splashback? This touch adds the appeal of black–such as authority, completeness and sophistication—without dominating. Below are a few examples of kitchens with black splashbacks.
Simple, classy and elegant, black makes a dramatic statement in this space whilst the white keeps it open and fresh. The splashback in the kitchen ties in with the black and white theme of the interior space.
black glass splashback
Black glass splashbacks look terrific with black glass appliances that are becoming popular and readily available.
scandinavian kitchen with black
A black feature wall contrasted with white cabinetry and a timber bench is Scandinavian in appeal.

It takes a certain amount of guts to go ahead with a black kitchen. The results however, can be extremely rewarding. Whether your kitchen is completely black, or contrasted with light-reflecting white or stainless steel, you are sure to impress your friends with your bold colour choices.





  1. Char says:

    I would never have thought of using black for a kitchen, but it is gorgeous. The dark color adds such a feeling of sophistication to the room. I especially love the black and stainless steel kitchen. It is elegant, yet still keeps that feel of the kitchen as a gathering place for the family. I can totally picture someone hosting a dinner party there, surrounded by their family and friends as they put the last few touches on their meals.

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Char, I agree, I am quite fond of black kitchens too!

  2. Keith Winters says:

    Yea, I kind of agree with the first comment. I rarely see a black kitchen. But my brother-in-law has a almost all black kitchen…black granite counters, with grey back splash and stainless steel appliances. It looks great. And it always looks clean, even after a mess. Stains don’t show very much on black granite. It doesn’t feel too small because there are lots of windows too. I will send him a link to this page, in case he want to add to his all black kitchen.

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Keith

      Sure would love to see your brothers black kitchen 🙂

  3. Nora says:

    Hi Nadiah
    I’m currently looking for a free quote, do you give free quote for a redesign kitchen? I currently wanting to renovate my old kitchen and I’m looking for a more modern kitchen. I’ve been living in my home for over 14 years now and is time to have a new kitchen with new appliances. I’m currently speaking to Kellyvilla Kitchen design and have not committed, am waiting for them to come up with a quote.

    I lived in Quakers Hill, will it be too far for you to give me a quote with a complete new kitchen?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Norah

      We are a design only company, but have close affiliations with kitchen companies in Sydney. What that means is you will pay for an initial design consultation with us. we design the kitchen based on you needs/ space / budget … we can then shop the design around for you with multiple suppliers we work with and see who offers the most cost efficient solution. This option often means two things, you end up with much higher quality materials/ kitchen + the most competitive rates in the market. Obviously you would not be obliged to buy the kitchen through one of our affiliates. Does this help? (If not please feel free to email me on

  4. Nora says:

    Thanks Nadia for your quick replied. Thanks for the information about your services and I understand now what you can offer.
    I will have a talk to my hubby about your service and keep you posted.

    Thanks again.

  5. Sara P says:

    I am mesmerized to see all those jaw dropping but beautiful kitchen decoration styles. But unfortunately i don’t have enough space in my kitchen. All those given styles seem to have a space equal to a normal room but that’s not possible for me. Can you post some designs that can fit in smaller spaces of 100 – 200 sq ft? I would come back later to see if any decor style fits in my kitchen.

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Sarah

      Thanks for your idea’s and feedback. I will keep it in mind for future posts as it would make for a good article 🙂

  6. Magda says:

    Thank you for composing “Black Kitchens”.