Colour Consultant

Nadia Hursky on October 31, 2011

Whilst many of us take colour for granted, the truth is, colour greatly affects our emotions and feelings. Without colour, the world would be a dreary and bland place. The right use of colour can transform a room from boring and bland, to inspirational. Blue Tea color consultants are experts at creating just the right colour palette for your space. They will work alongside you, to make sure that your home environment reflects your desires.

Colour plays a pivotal role in our lives. We are drawn to certain colours and for various reasons. The different colours we wear reflects our mood, while the colours we decorate our homes with, reflect our desires. Sometimes we want a space to feel dark, cozy and warm. Other times we want it to feel light, open and spacious. A colour consultant at Blue Tea will work with you personally to discover what atmosphere you would like to create. They will then find colours which work together and complement each other,  in order to deliver it.

What Does a Colour Consultant Do?

A colour consultant is a trained professional who has flair and flavour for the use of colours in the home and/or office environment. Some colour consultants make use of colour psychology, working alongside hospital, mental institute and nursing home officials, to find just the right colour combinations for special rooms, corridors and shared spaces. Other consultants advise businesses of the best use and practise of colour as it relates to branding, website design and office layouts. Some consultants are fashion experts while others specialise in colour therapy.

At Blue Tea, our colour consultants aim to make your home environment the happiest it can be. A good colour consultant will be informed of the latest trends and developments in colour theory, but more importantly, will value you as an individual and come up with schemes that best suit your family and your space.

Nature as Inspiration

Colour consultants get inspiration from many different sources. Nature is one of the most inspirational of all. Nature is a great colourist. If you stop and look at the details nature has to offer, both on a micro and macro level, you will certainly feel inspired. Below are some images that show the unique colour combinations found in nature. With your eyes wide open, you will find colour solutions that are inspiring and beautiful and which can be applied to any design theme.

bright colours on bird

This bird, with its fushia breast of feathers provides a striking base to form colour schemes in the home.

Colour Consultant

This exterior uses similar qualities and colour schemes as the bird above. A bold fushia door is contrasted by the earthy tones of the stone walls sorrounded by a white door frame.

A fushia inspired dining space. The brightness of the fushia requires soft and natural tones to balance it.

Lichen and moss cover this bark in a sprinkling of colour bursts against a sepia-like background.

Similarly, the yellow features in this room add vitality and sophistication to the grey tones in the walls and floors.

yellow wall

This golden yellow wall offsets the concrete floors and white walls.

Colour and Light

Colour and light are intricately connected. Colour cannot exist without light. A colour consultant’s job is to assess the availability and quality of light in the space, and to best show the dynamic relationship between them. Colours look different in varying aspects of light, whilst light doesn’t change colour, it does affect the appearance of it. Colours at sunset and sunrise look richer and more full-bodied. However, as light disappears into the evening, colours begin to lose their hue.

North facing light makes the colour appear brighter and lighter, whilst south facing light has the opposite effect. For an interior environment the difference between night and day (artificial and natural light) can be quite dramatic. By analysing how the space will be used, and at what time of the day, a colour consultant can judge how best, how natural and artificial light are going to affect the colour schemes of the space.


The Process of A Colour Consultation

A colour consultation begins in your home. A typical appointment usually lasts 3 hrs. The colour consultant will value each space uniquely and individually, asking you many questions and gathering specifications for each space.  He or she will cover such things as interior walls, architraves, ceilings, doors, skirting boards and kitchen cabinetry. If needed, your colour consultant can also choose exterior colours, including, all exterior surfaces, for your gutters, downpipes, doors and windows. In addition your Blue Tea colour consultant can help choose, bench-tops, upholstery fabrics, furniture,  floor tiles, timber floors-including different staining options, carpet and any other flooring materials.

A colour consultant will help you make your space a unique and tailored representation of your desires and personal style. A colour consultant brings together knowledge of colour theory, colour inspiration and understanding of light to make your home a happy and enjoyable space.



  1. Alida says:

    Thank you Nadia for your wonderful insight into colour sampling. As a Jewellery Designer and maker it have been very helpful and inspiring to get your advice on the most appropriate colours that will work effectively with each individual. Thank you again it has been a very valuable experience.

    1. nadiah says:

      Thanks Alida, it’s great to collaborate with other designers 🙂

  2. Eudora Meredith says:

    One of my friends recently changed the color of their kitchen and lounge walls. As much as I love my friend, I finally had to tell her that I thought they had made a huge mistake. Their house is very poorly lit, with small rooms, so they would benefit from lighter colors, in my opinion. Well, they went for a dark brown tone for their lounge and a dark red for their kitchen…! Now when you get there, you get a feeling of suffocation, as it appears even smaller and darker than it is. They would definitely benefit from hiring a professional color consultant, but she won’t even listen to me. Well, if they like it…

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Eudora
      A colour consultant can really make a difference to the overall feel of the space…..did she paint the walls red in the kitchen? That’s a bold choice!

  3. Eudora Meredith says:

    She certainly did! Blood red…!! She says she is passionate about her kitchen and cooking. LOL 😀 As I said, the kitchen is really small, and there are only two small bits of wall that you can see. The rest is covered in tiles or cabinets. Still, a very bold choice indeed!

  4. Jo says:

    My husband and I are thinking of doing a complete overhaul on the ground floor of our house and I’m definatley considering to hire a colour consultant. Unfortunately we aren’t in Australia otherwise we’d be in touch

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Jo, we are also currently working in LA if that helps 🙂