Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets for 2013

Get ready to check out our top 5 kitchen gadgets and appliances for 2013! Your socks are going to be knocked off by some serious cooking power tools. 1. Vitamix 5200 Blender Fresh ice cream in minutes, quick hot fondue, finely milled flours, soups, body butters, bread dough is there anything the Vitamix 5200 blender can’t do? […]

Kitchen Range-hoods: What You Need For A Stunning Kitchen

The kitchen range-hood isn’t the first thing you may think about when designing your new kitchen. However is it important to know what range-hood you would like at the beginning of the design process as it will shape your kitchen design. You may choose to hide your range-hood completely, or you may want to make […]

Colourful Kitchen Accessories

Would you like a brighter, more colourful kitchen but don’t want to commit to permanent significant changes? Colourful kitchen accessories are a cost effective way to brighten up any kitchen. Here is a palette of autumn colour inspirations to transform your kitchen space. Sky Blue Wonder With the oppressive humidity vanishing from the summer months, autumn in Australia brings crisper, cooler […]

Choosing A Kitchen Table

A kitchen table adds design flair to your new kitchen, and can give your kitchen depth and character. From rustic to extravagant and understated dining tables, find one to match your kitchen design. Below are Blue Tea’s inspiring pictures of our favourite kitchen table settings. Choose A Vintage Table Many kitchen designs these days are modern and […]

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen lighting is not only functional and necessary, it can also create ambiance for a bold design statement. The correct lighting can make you feel calm and relaxed. Harsh lighting can make you feel uncomfortable, uneasy and unnerved. Lighting can be a relatively inexpensive way to change the entire dynamics of your kitchen space, dramatically […]

Gense Cutlery

Gense is a Scandinavian company of award-winning designers, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of cutlery. They lead the world in innovation, design and quality in cutlery design. Gense is a Scandinavian cutlery manufacturing company, established by Gustav Erikson in 1856, founded on respect for traditions, and the complexities and beauty of fine craftsmanship. These values […]

Top 10 Kitchen Accessories

Below is a list of the essential top ten accessories needed in the kitchen, based on practicality, functionality and design. From the quintessential wooden spoon, to the understated and funky pepper mill, all these accessories aim to make your kitchen a desirable and easy-to-work in space. Knives I am a big advocate on keeping your […]

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