Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets for 2013

Nadia Hursky on May 15, 2013

Get ready to check out our top 5 kitchen gadgets and appliances for 2013! Your socks are going to be knocked off by some serious cooking power tools.

1. Vitamix 5200 Blender

Fresh ice cream in minutes, quick hot fondue, finely milled flours, soups, body butters, bread dough is there anything the Vitamix 5200 blender can’t do? If you use your Vitamix right it’s quite possible you may never have to stir again, unless of course you want to.

 The Vitamix practically does the work of a few farmhands – churning your butter and your ice cream, kneading your bread dough and preparing your cheese fondue all in the small space of your kitchen counter.

2. Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Boards

Whipping up multiple dishes at once? Slice out having to stop and wash your knife and cutting board because this cute container has four colour-coded ones ready to go.

 Got some vegetarians in the household? Worried about getting salmonella on your bread? Joseph Joseph’s stylish multi-board product is great for those germ-a-phobes and convenience hungry kitchen folk that just love colour organizing!

 3. KitchenAid Artisan KSM 150 Mixer Coutour Silver

The KitchenAid Artisan series of mixers takes multi-faceted kitchen gadgets to a whole new level. It combines classic design with true imagination. If you are ready to deliver miracles in the kitchen then this tool is for you. Check out all of these functions and attachments that are available:

  • 10 different pasta attachments (and ravioli maker)
  • Huge range of grain mill settings
  • Custom meat processing: grinding & sausage-making
  • Fresh ice cream, gelato and mouse
  • Easy and elegant vegetable shredding, julienning & slicing
  • Fruit pulping and citrus juicing
  • And of course very powerful mixing, a planetary rotating whipper and super strong dough hooks!

4. Jamie Oliver Garlic Slice n Press

If you know Jamie Oliver, than you know he’s all about sexy cooking. He demonstrates how to prepare European food that is quick and easy with a “less is more” attitude reminiscent of fine Japanese cuisine.

Oliver’s distinct style of cooking has given way to his design of a sophisticated line of kitchen gadgets. They not only produce top-quality results in the kitchen, they do it faster, healthier and easier.

The Jamie Oliver Garlic Slice n Press is one of those tools. If garlic is an essential ingredient in your kitchen then this tool is for you. Why?

  • Instant garlic slices
  • Rapid garlic mincing (it actually shoots out)
  • Solid, powerful construction
  • Shimmery sleek design

5. Le Creuset Cobalt Blue French Oven Casserole Dish 26cm

The power of the French oven lies in the fact that it actually creates a “double ovening” effect while in high heat. This double insulation action actually allows you to cook food at intensely higher temperatures. It’s a similar effect to cooking in an outdoor brick wood-fired oven.

This is what makes a french oven so desirable in cooking and why it is such an integral part of creating traditional flavours. It replicates the effect of how many of our ancestors cooked, creating those savoury and rustic cuisines that almost speak to the soul.

Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets for 2013

Today’s recommendations come from Elle O’Connor of  Kitchenware Superstore, who carry a large range of kitchen gadgets, and the above mentioned products.




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