Choosing A Kitchen Table

Nadia Hursky on October 19, 2012

A kitchen table adds design flair to your new kitchen, and can give your kitchen depth and character. From rustic to extravagant and understated dining tables, find one to match your kitchen design. Below are Blue Tea’s inspiring pictures of our favourite kitchen table settings.

Choose A Vintage Table

Many kitchen designs these days are modern and streamlined. Choosing a rustic or vintage table adds contrast and character to your kitchen space. The timber brings an element of warmth, and creates a cosy area for dining at.

This lovely table contrasts with the white cabinets and white flooring and is an elegant yet casual area for dining at.

kitchen dining room table

The wear and tear in this table adds to the charm of the kitchen space. This kitchen table has a thousand stories to tell.

Kitchen Table

This vintage table is matched with colourful chairs and looks timeless and effortless.

vintage dining table

Mix and Match Your Chairs

Adding variety with your kitchen chairs will certainly add interest and diversity to your space. You can choose to keep the style consistant and vary the colour. You can also add an eclectic mix of chairs to create a vibrant atmosphere.

 A mix of benches and different chair styles works superbly with this vintage table. The space is warm and eclectic, and it contrasts to the coolness and crispness of the stainless steel kitchen.

kitchen table with chairs

Choosing random chair styles works best in a kitchen that is pared back and modern. It can be quite stimulating to have many different chair styles, so enjoy choosing your chairs but take care not to overdo it. While the above chairs are all different, the combination remains elegant.

mixed chairs in kitchen

 Equally as striking, you can achieve a different look and feel by mixing modern chairs.

modern kitchen chairs

Use Accent Colours

If you are not bold enough to choose a strong colour in your kitchen design, you can have fun choosing one for your dining area. A bright colour will add energy and personality to your space. It is also not a huge risk if you get it wrong, compared with selecting a strong colour for your kitchen cabinetry.

 A bright green kitchen table is fun and quirky. The colour scheme is neutral here except for the table which makes a bold statement.

green kitchen table

Why not choose your favourite colour to make the space pop? You can choose to add colour in the dining table, or the kitchen chairs to give your space a joyful and energetic atmosphere.

red kitchen chairs

Choosing your kitchen table can be a fun experience where you can be creative with different syles and colours. If you are naturally drawn to a particular style or colour, don’t resist it! Whether you opt for a vintage table, or choose to add personality with colour, your kitchen table will be unique to you and your space.





  1. Loving your dinner table finds! Totally agree old and well worn is beautiful 🙂

    1. nadiah says:

      Thanks Skandivis 🙂