Kitchen Range-hoods: What You Need For A Stunning Kitchen

Nadia Hursky on May 11, 2013

The kitchen range-hood isn’t the first thing you may think about when designing your new kitchen. However is it important to know what range-hood you would like at the beginning of the design process as it will shape your kitchen design. You may choose to hide your range-hood completely, or you may want to make a feature out of it. Read more to start thinking about your range-hood selection.

Ducted Or Recirculating?

Whilst it is ideal to duct your range-hood so that it vents outside, it may not always be possible. If you are in a unit or flat, local council regulations or strata may prevent your from ducting your range-hood outside. But fear not, recirculating models are very capable. It’s important to remember is to keep the filters clean. You can clean them in the dishwasher, so it is easy to maintain. If you are going to duct your range-hood, remember to ask your appliance supplier for the ducting kit. Most models these days function as both. If you prefer to have your range-hood ducted, don’t forget to let your builder know before the building works start.

Integrated Range-hoods

An integrated kitchen range-hood will make your kitchen look sleek and contemporary. The range-hood is completely concealed with-in a wall cabinet, disguising it’s outside appearance. These range-hoods are our favourite to use as it gives your kitchen design flexibility without adding bulkiness.

under mount concealed range hood

Concealing your range-hood within the wall cabinets leads to an streamlined, free flowing kitchen. Integrated range-hoods suit minimal and contemporary kitchens.

concealed range hood freestanding


modern concealed range hood

Having no wall cabinets doesn’t mean your range-hood has to be a last minute thought. The wall in this kitchen is a feature and the range-hood is elegantly disguised with-in it.

Feature Range-hoods

Feature range hoods can look great if the space is right. One thing to note, a 600m feature range-hood will not look amazing (they look too squashed and short) so you really need to go for a range-hood that is atleast 900mm. You can choose to have a modern looking range-hood or one that more traditional.


Modern feature range-hoods look great when they have their own space on the wall, and are not overcrowded with cabinets. A modern looking range-hood in the right space can look quite classic and elegant.

modern canopy range hood


kitchen range hood above island

Range-hoods can also go above a kitchen island if necessary. These can make quite a statement, but you will need to be careful with your choice as it will be a dominant feature in your kitchen.

glass range hood modern

Glass range-hood models are a popular choice as some of the bulkiness is eliminated with the glass. They suit modern kitchens.


Traditional or country-inspired kitchens tend to make a feature of the canopy range-hood. Sometimes the feature is the range-hood itself or sometimes it is the plasterwork and mouldings that is the feature.

traditional range hood

 This french-style kitchen above makes use of plasterwork moulding which define this kitchen.

feature range hood black

Be brave and make a feature of your range-hood. This one steers away from the typical stainless steel that we are so acustomed to seeing.

Bench-top Mounted Range-hoods

Bench-top mounted range-hoods are perfect for kitchen islands where you want to keep the ceiling free from obstruction. They work electronically, the range-hood lifts out of the bench-top when needed. They are powerful despite their small size.

bench mounted range hood

The range-hood sits behind the cooktop, and is operated by a sensor touch system.

Budget Option

Slide-out range-hoods are a perfect option for any modern kitchen. If you are going for this option, keep the cabinets on either side the same height as the range-hood so your kitchen is streamlined. These range-hoods start at around $200.

slide out range hood

Slide out range-hoods are inexpensive and unobtrusive.

Choosing a range-hood is not a typical place to start your kitchen design adventure. However, it’s beneficial for the whole design process if you know what your options are what you prefer. From integrated to feature range-hoods, the options are vast and can be worked in to compliment any kitchen design.



  1. Oliver trako says:

    Thanks for the tips Nadia. It was a pleasant surprise to see that after our chat about range hoods you wrote a post about it 🙂

    1. nadiah says:

      You’re welcome Oliver. Thanks for bringing it to my attention 🙂

  2. Trisha Kline says:

    Ventilation Systems, Style and Installation The size of your range and the amount of time you spend cooking will help determine what type of range hood you should purchase. Ventilation systems may be either external or recirculating, and range hoods can be installed in several different places, including underneath a cabinet, hanging down from the ceiling or even in the countertop. Though their primary function is to get rid of bad smells, smoke and grease, range hoods can also add a stylish element to your kitchen, particularly if you choose a customized unit.

    There is a large selection of features to choose from, including halogen lights, variable-speed fans and filter indicator lights, each of which is designed to make using your range hood easier and more convenient. Regardless of which type you choose, it’s important to remember that proper care and maintenance is essential to effective performance.

  3. Randolph Benson says:

    I am planning to remodel my kitchen and some of these suggestions given here are pretty excellent. To be honest, I have a few budget constraints, but you have provided some great suggestions. Thanks for your help.

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Randolph, thanks for touching base with us. Hope it all works out in your favour, and if you need any help or suggestions, please inbox us.

  4. sophie wilson says:

    Hi Nadiah! great post. Thanks for sharing a very interesting and informative content, it is a big help to me and to others as well, keep it up!

  5. Emily says:

    Hi, are there regulations with how high above the cooktop the range hood has to be? We have a window that runs along the back of the bench which we need to raise for heat protection reasons but this means the range hood needs to be raised too. Secondary to that, how high looks silly? We are discussing an island bench cooktop as an alternative but this isn’t our preference. Any advice is much appreciated. Thx

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Emily what type of cooktop do you have (gas, electric or induction)? And what type of range hood are you hoping for? 600mm is a minimum in most cases, although you can definitely raise it higher especially if it is on an island bench top. You can also get range hoods that raise from the bench top if you don’t like the look of a range hood above your island. If you have any more questions feel free to inbox us at

  6. Margaret says:

    We are planning a new kitchen and want our cooktop in the island bench, we don’t really want to have a rangehood dropping down from the ceiling and after looking at your site, feel that a Bench-top Mounted Range-hood may be an option. I am assuming they are quite expensive and also wondered how they are ducted? Any info you can give would be appreciated, thanks, Margaret