Kitchen Range-hoods: What You Need For A Stunning Kitchen

The kitchen range-hood isn’t the first thing you may think about when designing your new kitchen. However is it important to know what range-hood you would like at the beginning of the design process as it will shape your kitchen design. You may choose to hide your range-hood completely, or you may want to make […]

Top 10 Kitchen Accessories

Below is a list of the essential top ten accessories needed in the kitchen, based on practicality, functionality and design. From the quintessential wooden spoon, to the understated and funky pepper mill, all these accessories aim to make your kitchen a desirable and easy-to-work in space. Knives I am a big advocate on keeping your […]

The Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware makes a fabulous choice for your kitchen pots and pans. They are the desired cookware of chef’s because of their even heat distribution and durability. If you take care of them, they will last forever and even get better with age. Let’s look at the properties and benefits of cast iron cookware and […]

Induction Cooktops, The Pros and Cons

Induction cooktops are becoming all the rage in a new kitchen. While many people are adopting induction cooktops into their kitchen designs, many people are also uncertain about all the hype. Here we will go through what they are, what they do, the benefits of induction and popular ones currently available in Australia. What Are […]

Popular Kitchen Materials

Your kitchen is composed of several different materials, finishes and accessories. It will be beneficial to start thinking about the different materials involved in your kitchen before you start your renovation. Here is a quick guide  to help you choose the materials that best suits your needs and desires, and practical tips to avoid mistakes. […]

Choosing A Kitchen Sink

Your sink provides a practical and stylish touch, and serves as an essential feature of your new kitchen. With so many models available, you might have trouble knowing how to find the one that best suits your needs. When choosing a kitchen sink, consider the following: 1. THE LOOK AND FUNCTION: There are three different […]

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