Country Kitchens

Nadia Hursky on November 10, 2011

Country kitchens are warm, inviting and homely. They are a reminder of our past; of slowly cooked home meals and of family time spent around a dining table. Country kitchens are handcrafted, eclectic and organic. Create a country kitchen look by focusing on cabinetry details, displaying personal collections, and paying attention to appliance fittings and fixtures.

Cabinetry Details

Unlike modern kitchens, country kitchens celebrate ornamentation and decoration. They emphasise handcrafted finishes in cabinet doors and moulding details. Features of a country kitchen include profiled doors, distressed finished timbers, open shelves, framed cabinets and glass fronted cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are often capped with crown mouldings above the wall cabinets.

Natural surfaces—such as hand-painted timber cabinets, stone benchtops and tile splashbacks—work best in country style kitchens. If your budget does not allow for expensive hand-painted timber cabinets, choose a finish in thermo-laminated vinyl or polyurethane profile doors. The images below show the details and styles of country kitchens, including rustic, eclectic and classic country kitchens.

Oak cabinets distressed with bleach and wire scratching give the kitchen above character and a lived-in feel. Any dings and dents add to its charm. Designed by interior designers Solis Betancourt and Sherrill.

Framed cabinets, open shelves and an antique-look island define the country kitchen above. Bold colours and an eclectic mix of items make this kitchen warm, inviting and personal.

Country Kitchens

The country kitchen above has a timeless classic appeal. Glass cabinet doors are topped with a solid crown moulding, seamlessly integrating the kitchen cabinetry with the window details. The kitchen is paired with elegant french provincial timeless furniture pieces.

Personal Collections

Country kitchens are warm and inviting, often with an element of nostalgia. Country kitchens aim to display peoples lives through their personal collections, such as crockery, glasses, pots and pans, hand-painted plates and bowls, books and statues. Unlike modern kitchens that conceal items, country kitchens showcase belongings by utilising nooks and crannies. The pantry can also serve as a display area, showing off herbs and spices, organised jars and other cooking items. Country kitchens often use an eclectic mix of personal items, style and furniture. The kitchens below illustrate different design statements incorporating personal collections.

french country kitchen

Although minimal in design, this French-inspired kitchen (above) makes a striking statement by showcasing the owner’s collection of copper pots and pans.

country kitchen style

In the country kitchen above, open shelves show off a collection of blue and white china.

country kitchen pantry

The kitchen pantry can be a design element in your new kitchen. Here spices, jars, bottles and tea pots are neatly arranged to display the owners tastes and personality.

Appliances and Fittings

ndustrial-style upright ovens and sturdy rangehoods are popular in country kitchens. By using big appliances, the love of cooking and the love of food is emphasised. Their solid design reminds us of our past, and is made to last.

Deep, farm-style sinks are popular in country kitchens. These are often a focal point of the kitchen. With old-style and ornate tapware, they differentiate dramatically from the typical stainless steel everyday sink. Cabinet doors use simple knob style handles. Shell style brass handles are popular. The kitchens below make use of bold appliances, including a heavy-set oven and a farm-style sink.

A dramatic gesture, this freestanding black oven and rangehood make a fantastic focal point in this kitchen. They are solidly constructed and show beauty in their sturdiness.

country kitchen sink

Classic and romantic farm-style sinks are popular in country kitchens. They are also practical for washing larger pots and pans, as farm-style sinks are both wide and deep.

Country kitchens remind us of our past. They celebrate our love of food, and create a warm, organic environment. Remember, you don’t have to pick a kitchen style and stick to it. Instead, get inspiration from a mixture of styles, then mould them into something that you love. To create the warm feel of a country kitchen in your own new kitchen design, integrate cabinet details, personal collection displays and sturdy appliances..




  1. Could be just what we’re looking for. We need to talk!

    1. parsyar says:

      Thanks Andrew…Can’t wait to start work in January 🙂

  2. Hannah Cousins says:

    Absolutely love these country kitchens. I didn’t realised there were so many variations of style. I think we will combine some of these concepts with some concepts from your modern kitchen article for our renovation.

    1. parsyar says:

      Hi Hannah, thanks for the comment. Designing a kitchen you love is about combining features you feel inspired by 🙂 Good luck

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh wow – the country kitchen in the first photo reminds me so much of my parents old kitchen. It just oozes character and warmth, love it! Solis Betancourt and Sherrill have made an amazing job there. I want one of those! In general, would you say it is more expensive to build a country-style kitchen or a modern-style one?

    1. parsyar says:

      Hi Sarah, generally speaking country kitchens are a little more expensive because of the traditional materials e.g.solid timber. Again this is a generalisation so take it with a grain of salt.

      1. Sarah says:

        Thank you; I did have a feeling this was gonna be the case. But I think I have fallen in love with this kitchen. Would you be able to design something similar to that at all? (first picture). As I said, it has brought so many memories from when I was little, and they are all wonderful 🙂 I think I am ready to recreate a little bit of that essence again!

        1. parsyar says:

          Hi Sarah

          Thanks for the comment and the email, I’ll have our head designer contact you shortly 🙂