A Blue Kitchen in Rushcutters Bay

This Rushcutters Bay kitchen won many accolades in 2017 including the KBDI Kitchen Designer of the Year Award, and the NSW Large Kitchen Design Award. Here we revisit some of the striking details in this Sydney kitchen designed by Blue Tea designer Marianne that lead to it’s winning achievements. Why Blue? Blue cabinetry was a […]

Pantry Design Ideas for Your New Kitchen

Your pantry is a vital consideration in your kitchen design. It is where you store those everyday grocery items. Careful attention and planning of your pantry design will be the difference between making your kitchen an ergonomic heaven or a daily battlefield. Good visibility and easy access to stored items should be at the forefront of your […]

How To Create A Modern Farm-Style Kitchen

A new style of kitchen trends is emerging and taking over the design scene. Blue Tea is naming this movement the modern farm-style kitchen, and we think it’s going to be a winner. A modern farm style kitchen is both casual and cosy, sophisticated and inviting. A modern farm-style kitchen infuses elements of the past […]

2017 Top Four Emerging Kitchen Trends

2017 kitchen trends brings with it some new and exciting concepts. We will see the revitalisation of some older ideas merged with fresh interpretations. We will be looking for a calm, collected and functional kitchen space, one that takes us back to our roots but emerges us in todays society. Contemporary farmhouse will be the buzz […]

Big Ideas for Small Kitchen Spaces

With growing populations in big cities, it is no surprise that kitchen sizes are shrinking. However, designing your small kitchen space does not have to mean a limitation on options. Here at Blue Tea, we’ve analysed some space saving ideas and tricks to help with your design layout for a smaller space. Attention to detail and […]

How To Design A Contemporary Kitchen

Sleek, simple and uncluttered; the contemporary kitchen offers a livable space for those of us who value high functionality with a minimal aesthetic. Advanced hardware, clean lines and a play on form are all considered essential ingredients to create this style of kitchen. Texture too also comes into the mix in the contemporary kitchen design […]

Five Classic Traits Of Hamptons Kitchens

The Hamptons Kitchen has long been a lust-have for those inspired by the elegant, coastal calm of signature interiors found in classical homes of the Hamptons, New York. Breezy, spacious and embracing – the hallmarks of the Hamptons kitchen make a natural fit for the beachside or family lifestyle. Seamlessly translating into both past and […]

*Top Four Kitchen Trend Ideas for 2016*

From deconstructed cabinetry, to texture in unusual places; these kitchen trend ideas will be gaining momentum in the New Year. The forecast for 2016 will see a new style of kitchen accent Australian homes, stepping away from slick and polished into an aesthetic that is unique, personalised and incorporating multi-faceted elements. Varied materials, rich textures, […]

Kitchen Ideas For Queenslander Homes

Every Australian is familiar with the beautiful, charming and nostalgic Queenslander homes that fill Jacaranda-lined streets in our country’s sunny northern state. If you are considering purchasing a Queenslander home, or already own one that needs a renovation, here are a selection of kitchen styles that will suit its unique charm. From Hamptons style to modern […]

Scandinavian Kitchens : Choose A Look To Suit Your Lifestyle

Minimal and pared down, there is something to say about the simplicity and elegance of the Scandinavian kitchen aesthetic. It is not only a look, but a lifestyle, that can be easily replicated: decluttered, minimal and care-free. By paying attention to detail and simplicity, you can create a Scandinavian kitchen to suit your lifestyle. Below, we have […]

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