Kitchen Trends for 2013

Nadia Hursky on January 3, 2013

What Are The Kitchen Design Trends for 2013?

2013 promises to be an exciting year for kitchen trends where experimentation with materials and design elements prevail. Look for designs to move away from glossy, white reflective cabinetry to kitchens with depth, texture and variety. We will see a Scandinavian design influence and a move towards better designed cabinetry details.

1. A Mix Of Textures

Glossy surfaces and glossy splashbacks dominated 2012. In 2013, we will see a move away from the polished kitchen to varied and diverse designs. Expect a mix of textures in kitchen cabinetry:  Natural finishes and materials (such as timber veneers) mixing with flat finished polyurethane and stainless steel. Bronze details will also make a statement.

Varied textures prevail in this kitchen; white washed timber cabinetry, concrete bench tops and a black board splashback.

industrial kitchen concrete


Mixing it up with a timber island, raw brick flooring and white cabinetry.

brick floor in kitchen

Expect flat finishes to favour over gloss in 2013. In the kitchen below, black satin cabinetry, white-washed floors and concrete walls create a beautiful palette.

black satin kitchen

Hints of stainless steel-like finishes, a polished concrete floor and exposed beams set the atmosphere for this kitchen.

minimal kitchen with concrete splash back

Look for a combination of timber veneers and polyurethane satin finishes to rise in popularity in 2013.

kitchen texture

A mix of surfaces and finishes gives this kitchen warmth and ambiance.

kitchen inspiration 2013

This kitchen design features a striking bronze mirror kitchen island.

bronze kitchen

This kitchen’s dramatic appeal comes from its black textured wall.

black textured wall


2. Cabinetry Detail

In 2013 we will see more emphasis on cabinetry details. Expect to see more attention to details such as the way the cabinet is joined and the junction between cabinetry and stone benchtop.

Detail-focused kitchen spaces are subtle but awe-inspiring.

custom designed kitchen

Kitchens in 2013 will take inspiration from furniture design. The Scandinavian-designed buffet unit above is one outstanding example.

kitchen detail inspiration

This kitchen showcases attention to details with cabinets that sit flush with the benchtop.

kitchen joinery details

3. Scandinavian Simplicity

Kitchen trends in 2013 will come from the simplicity of Scandinavian designs—pared back and minimal, elegant and unique.

This Italian kitchen has all the sleek lines of a Scandinavian inspired kitchen.

scandinavian kitchen inspiration

A simple, classic kitchen is timeless.

white kitchen 2013

Minimising kitchen cabinets can open up the space. Keep it simple, and think outside the box when it comes to floor plan layouts.

kitchen layout ideas

The dining table is an extension of the kitchen in this Scandinavian inspired home.

scandinavian kitchen inspiration

Open shelves keep this kitchen elegant and simple.

kitchen with open shelves

Flooring, lighting and ceiling design will become an integral part of the new kitchen in 2013. Look for textural and rich kitchens, incorporating the whole kitchen space rather than only the cabinetry.  Subtle and subdues surfaces and finishes will create the sleek and desired kitchen trend for 2013.





  1. Ari says:

    Some great tips here …. Any thoughts on colour or lighting?
    I’m loving the textures theme, 2013 is looking fresh.

    1. nadiah says:

      Thanks Ari

      Pantone released the 2013 colour of the year. It is Emerald green. I think we will see this colour making it’s way into interiors/ walls/ accesories. Lighting I think, will follow a nautical theme.

  2. Ben says:

    Love the exposed bricks that are painted black. Thank you as this gave us a great idea for our place.

    1. nadiah says:

      Thanks Ben

      I love that image too. 🙂

  3. kristine says:

    Well, all the points are really appreciable for the upcoming modern kitchens for 2013. I believe that there will be huge increase in inspiration from furniture design. Thanks for your ideas.

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Kristine, thanks for your feedback 🙂

  4. Dino says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of going with a kitchen from IKEA. We’re on a budget but not cheapskates. I hear positive things about them but an interested to hear whether anyone has any experience, advice on quality etc?

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Dino

      Why don’t you inbox me on our Blue Tea Facebook page or email me and we can chat discuss further 🙂

  5. Urban Accent says:

    Thanks for sharing, there are some beautiful designs here. I really like the bronze mirror kitchen island. There are some great finishes and textures, they look fantastic.