Five Classic Traits Of Hamptons Kitchens

Nadia Hursky on May 5, 2016

The Hamptons Kitchen has long been a lust-have for those inspired by the elegant, coastal calm of signature interiors found in classical homes of the Hamptons, New York.

Breezy, spacious and embracing – the hallmarks of the Hamptons kitchen make a natural fit for the beachside or family lifestyle. Seamlessly translating into both past and modern architecture of Australian homes.

The sophisticated old world charm of this style is becoming increasingly popular for anyone who prioritises substance in design. Particularly for those seeking an alternative to the sleek and buffed minimalism of contemporary design that can sometimes feel devoid of depth or character.

Read on to discover our top five tips to re-create the Hamptons kitchen look in your next renovation.

Will a Hamptons Kitchen Suit Your Space?

Evermore, the Hamptons kitchen is gaining popularity due to its effectual blend of both grace and style. However, not all homes are made like they make them up there in Long Island, New York. So, when considering the Hamptons interior, the first qualifying question to ask is: will a Hamptons kitchen suit your space?

Homes in the Hamptons are oversized and graceful; think a cottage-feel on a grand scale. Naturally, the Hamptons kitchen evolved from this sense of opulence and coastal living.

Typically, Hamptons architecture include pitched or high ceilings, exposed timber beams, large French doors and windows, and timber flooring. However, don’t worry if your home doesn’t quite tick off these features. While these traits are desirable, they aren’t necessary.

The most desirable criterion for creating the Hamptons look is a home with an open floor space coupled with furnishings that will complement this aesthetic. Providing that these two things are taken care of, the instance of an old world or new home won’t matter too much. The Hamptons design can be tweaked and adjusted to transition into a more contemporary design of interior, while still retaining its original traits.

We do not recommend a Hamptons renovation for small, enclosed kitchens. This look can make the space appear too cluttered and heavy.

1. Keep It Light and Bright

Hamptons kitchens are meant to keep your space uplifted and reminiscent of days spent by the coast. Light, elevating whites and pastels are the way to go with your colour scheme. See below for some inspiring soft white and pastel coloured kitchens.



Above is a typical Hamptons style kitchen set in a traditional house. Beautiful, bright and airy, this white kitchen is a crowd pleaser.

Bright and White Hamptons Kitchen

This gorgeous kitchen designed by Tom Howley. Soft and sophisticated this kitchen is a stunner.

Modern Hamptons Style kitchen with no handles

This updated take on the Hamptons kitchen is designed by Green couch in San Fransisco. Handless cabinetry gives the space a contemporary edge.

2. Use Shaker Cabinetry

This style of door originated in England during the 18th Century Shaker movement in furniture design. The design ethos was simple:  keep things durable, functional and plain in style.

The door has a frame and panel profile, often with a slight beveled edge on the frame. The doors can come in various finishes. For a Hamptons style kitchen, this will be either a painted or a polyurethane finish. A Shaker profiled door can be inset into the frame of the cabinetry. In modern style kitchens, the doors run flush next to each other without an exposed frame.

White shaker doors- Hamptons kitchen


Above is a traditional styled Hamptons kitchen. White shaker doors are inset into the frame of the kitchen. Glass doors are also a popular feature of the Hamptons style.

modern hamptons styled kitchen


This is a modern version of a Hamptons kitchen. The Shaker doors run flush next to each other. The black adds a contemporary pop.

Grey Shaker doors with farm house sink


Consider your handles to be a feature too when designing your Hamptons kitchen. These ones are solid and industrial, yet also invoke class.

taupe shaker doors


This cute, taupe kitchen is designed by DeVOL. We love the detailing in the legs, the frame and the kitchen handles.

3. Tile Or Marble Splash-back

A tile or marble splashback will work with your Hamptons kitchen whether you are intending to create a classic or modern aesthetic.  Glass or stainless steel is simply too shiny and aloof for the warmth of the Hamptons style. If you are using marble, Calcutta or Carrara marble is optimal. If you are opting for tiles, a ceramic subway style tile looks amazing.

white subway tile splash back | hamptons kitchen

A white subway tile is a classic choice but it can look quite modern too.

Grey subway splash back | Hamptons kitchen


Alternatively, a darker colour can bring more drama.

marble splash back | Hamptons kitchen


A marble splash-back as an extension from the bench top can look elegant and classy. This marble is Carrara.

4. Nautical Lighting

Hamptons kitchens are reminiscent of coastal living. Naturally, it makes sense to reflect this sentiment in the design. Oversized pendant lighting paying homage to a nautical past is a great way to subtly carry this theme through, while adding the perfect finish to the Hamptons kitchen.

oversized glass pendant lighting | hamptons kitchen


Glass pendant lighting is a fantastic way to create a feeling of space. Industrial and heavy-set with steel, this lighting is a superb way to to complete your Hamptons kitchen.

oversized pendant lighting hamptons kitchen


This solid, oversized lighting feature is reminiscent of heavy steel ships anchored in deep blue oceans.

pastel kitchen with nautical lighting


Industrial, polished steel lighting completes this pastel Hamptons kitchen.

5. Butlers Kitchen Sink

The classic butlers style kitchen sink can make a superb finishing touch to the Hamptons kitchen. It easily works in both traditional and modern styled kitchens.

farm style sink

farm style sink hamptons kitchen



The Run Down

A Hamptons kitchen is fresh and sophisticated; grounded in an old world class. This popular style of renovation suits a variety of interiors and will increase the value of your home. To stay true to the Hamptons aesthetic, keep your kitchen bright and airy, use shaker style doors, with a traditional splashback in marble or tiles. Don’t forget to add nautical inspired feature lighting and a butlers style sink to finish the look and to bring a little Long Island style to your gorgeous home.

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  1. Justin Mirto says:

    Beautiful kitchen designs. Inspiring!

    1. Olivia Grace says:

      Thanks for the kitchen renovation information. My husband and I are excited to get a new kitchen. We’ll start looking for remodeling contractors in our area.

  2. Jaya says:

    I have chosen glass splashback for my modern hamptons kitchen, however I sourced a non-reflective satin glass with a light grey painted backing… way to get modern glass functionality, without being too bling for the style.

  3. Kristine Wills says:

    My only entrance is straight onto the kitchen . Will the Hampton Style suit ? It is open plan to living ?

    1. Nadia Hursky says:

      Hi Kristine, Definitely! It also depends on the overall style of your house and the vibe you are trying to create, but having a job dropping Hamptons Kitchen on arrival is only a positive thing 🙂

  4. Kelli says:

    Trying to achieve the Hampton’s look by choosing woven grey carpet in bedrooms and a darker wood look laminate or vinyl in living areas wanting to achieve a Hampton kitchen so are going with a white shaker kitchen thinking if the window frames would black be ok or should I stick to white with wooden doors