*Top Four Kitchen Trend Ideas for 2016*

Nadia Hursky on April 18, 2016

From deconstructed cabinetry, to texture in unusual places; these kitchen trend ideas will be gaining momentum in the New Year. The forecast for 2016 will see a new style of kitchen accent Australian homes, stepping away from slick and polished into an aesthetic that is unique, personalised and incorporating multi-faceted elements. Varied materials, rich textures, different furniture pieces and a bold appearance of navy will all be introduced into 2016 kitchen designs; breathing new life into our favourite living space.

Kitchen Trend 1. Cabinetry Deconstructed.

In 2016, kitchen ideas are evolving to transcend the kitchen beyond that of purely boxy cabinetry. The kitchen is instead becoming a place where we can explore different ways to store items in a more beautiful manner. The idea of the boxy cabinet will be completely reinvented - becoming deconstructed to give the illusion of a perceived lack of cabinetry. Or, so that details are accented and celebrated in a masterpiece of joinery.

sebastian cox sustainable kitchen

urban and rustic kitchen trend 2016 | Sebastian Cox

Above are two kitchens designed by Sebastian Cox. They are urban and rustic, yet highly refined. The mix of materials and textures is harmonious and detailed. Scandinavian in essence, this kitchen is relaxed and unpretentious. The mixed use of materials takes away from any boxy kitchen elements.

small industrial kitchen

The above kitchen is designed by Russian architects INT2 for a 40m2 flat. The architects have exposed the frame of the kitchen rather than the cabinetry. The kitchen framing has become the core element of the design. Infact, there are no cabinetry doors in this entire kitchen. Even the laundry is exposed instead of hidden.

danish kitchen detail | GARDE HVALSØE

timber detail in kitchen danish kitchen detail | GARDE HVALSØE

This kitchen designed by the Danish company GARDE HVALSØE. Instead of disregarding the cabinetry in the kitchen, GARDE HVALSØE pays fine attention to it. The kitchen is transformed into a work of craftsmanship and art.

south african farm house kitchen

Above is a South African farm house kitchen. The cabinetry and shelving has been seamlessly designed in the space and any elements of a boxy kitchen has been swiped away.

Kitchen Trend 2. Texture in Unusual Spaces.

While the kitchen is kept minimal, texture is taking centre stage in 2016 trend forecasts. Here we can see examples of texture being used in non-traditional and out-of-the-box ways – and the results are absolutely beautiful.

timber ceiling in the kitchen

A stunning timber kitchen ceiling offsets this simple and classic white kitchen.

tiled island in white, kitchen trend for 2016

rustic simple kitchen with black glass tiles

In the above two kitchens, tiles are used for a dramatic impact. The white kitchen island is completely tiled in the matching wall tiles. The effect is bold, but the white keeps it clean and fresh. In the second kitchen black subway tiles contrast with the rustic kitchen elements.

white textured wall- kitchen trend 2016

A white textured wall is the feature of this large breezy and lofty space. The kitchen incorporates nooks and crannies for storage within this wall. Clean, sophisticated and open, this kitchen is both unique and classy.

Kitchen Trend 3. A Touch Of Navy

Navy is the new black according to our style gurus here at Blue Tea who predict this kitchen trend to take off in 2016. The particular shade of navy is very important here, as to achieve the on-trend effect it needs to be quite deep and inky. This hue works wonderfully with white to give it a touch of nautical inspiration. Navy cabinetry also works well with Hamptons-styled kitchens.

navy cabinets- kitchen trend for 2016

Above is an elegant and simple kitchen featuring navy cabinets, white washed timber floors, brass handles and a simple plugin light that is draped over a hanging pole. A great alternative if you are in an apartment and can't alter the ceiling lighting.

Navy kitchen island with cararra marble top

Above navy cabinets are paired with cararra marble tops, stainless steel shelves, white subway tiles with grey grout and black framed windows that look onto the garden.

Navy kitchen island trend for 2016 by Tom Howley

UK designer Tom Howley, has designed this beautiful kitchen showcasing a navy island that is offset with light grey doors on the remaining joinery.

Kitchen Trend 4. Unique Storage Ideas.

One of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen into a more liveable space is to substitute traditional cabinetry for unique pieces of furniture that can double up as storage spaces. This kitchen trend is easy and inexpensive to implement, the only thing that is required is your imagination! One unique or quirky piece is all you may need to give your kitchen that relaxed, lived-in and homely feel.

vintage cabinet for plate storage

Instead of installing a typical pantry cabinetry, search around local antique stores to find a unique display cabinet to house your plates and crockery.

unique storage ideas: kitchen trend for 2016

This is a neat and simple idea to replace you pantry storage. This kitchen features a fully tiled wall with open bracket shelving to store plates, pots and pans, etc. The narrow but wide-open shelving becomes a feature of the space to showcase the full functionality of the kitchen. A sharp departure from the traditional concept of keeping the kitchen pantry hidden behind closed doors!

rustic urban kitchen design by Sebastian Cox

In this beautiful space designed by Sebastian Cox, the kitchen harmoniously comes together. The kitchen design is warm and unpretentious through a use of diverse materials and objects. All unified by a neutral colour palette.

industrial kitchen featuring open shelves

An open powder-coated steel wall of shelving defines this industrial style kitchen. The clever design is used to create the kitchen boundaries but also keeps the space fluid and open. The incorporation of rustic timber doors, a patterned tiled floor, and exposed beams create incredible diversity in this stunning space.

swedish industrial kitchen with unusual shelves

This Swedish industrial kitchen takes inspiration from found objects and transforms the wall storage into a relic of days gone by.

2016 sees kitchen trend ideas moving towards a depth and experimentation with texture. The kitchen trend that makes the biggest impact is the re-evaluation of the standard boxy cabinet. Instead storage ideas are sought out after in a more creative and personalised manner. However what remains constant is the strive for a harmonious, sophisticated and unpretentious kitchen space.



  1. Sharon says:

    Could you please share the name of the paint colour on the cabinets of the first NAVY kitchen? It looks more charcoal than navy on my screen but I love the depth of colour.

    Thank you


    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Sharon, I tried to look into it for you, but I couldn’t find the original source of the image so unfortunately I can’t help you with the colour. If you print off the image many paint stores are able to replicate the colour based off a sample. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help though.