Kitchen Ideas For Queenslander Homes

Nadia Hursky on March 21, 2016

Every Australian is familiar with the beautiful, charming and nostalgic Queenslander homes that fill Jacaranda-lined streets in our country’s sunny northern state. If you are considering purchasing a Queenslander home, or already own one that needs a renovation, here are a selection of kitchen styles that will suit its unique charm. From Hamptons style to modern kitchens, choose the look and style that best suits you.

What Is A Queenslander Home?

Often on stilts (to keep safe from flash flooding), the original notion of the Queenslander design was to create a home that would be both cool in summer and warm in winter. The large windows, which are commonly incorporated into the design, were intended to act as sails on a ship to allow the summer breeze enter the house. Large, covered wrap-around verandahs are a consistent feature, specifically created to escape the summer heat.

Keep in mind that many Queenslander homes are heritage listed, which means that you will need special council approval for renovation work. Check with your local council before embarking on any renovations that affect the exterior of your house.

Choosing A Kitchen Style For Your Queenslander

Queenslander homes are a more traditional look, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick with a similar style kitchen. Below are some style alternatives that will suit your Queenslander, from the charming Hamptons style kitchen, to the sleek contemporary kitchen. There is no right or wrong choice – the Queenslander home does give you the freedom to mix and match some design elements. However, if you do decide to install a modern kitchen, it is nice to pay homage to the architectural bones of your home by respecting its features and not trying to cover them up.

A Hamptons Styled Kitchen

The casual and elegant Hamptons style kitchen originated from the Hamptons region of Long island, New York. Prestigious, glamorous yet village like; these kitchens have since evolved to become more casual and coastal. The Hamptons kitchen is ever increasing in popularity across the world as people seek an alternative to sleek and minimal surfaces. Instead, opting for something richer and more substantial, yet not overbearing. Below are some images to inspire you if you decide to go for this look in your next renovation.


grey hamptons style kitchen

Grey shaker style doors are paired with a 20mm marble bench top. The kitchen isn't overly cluttered yet there is enough detail in the door design to give the kitchen substance.


white hamptons kitchen with a marble splash back

Uncomplicated yet charming this kitchen would suit a variety of Queensland style homes. A Caesarstone bench top is paired with a marble tiled splash back. Wall cabinets are omitted to create an open feel with the range hood surround being a feature.


white hamptons kitchen with a dark island

The kitchen above is in an apartment in New York. However, this style would still suit a Queensland home. That is the beauty of a Hamptons style kitchen, it is very versatile!


white hamptons kitchen with grey subway splash back

Grey subway tiles make a big statement in this kitchen. Elegant, traditional but fresh this look can work well in a Queenslander home if you would like to create some contrast.

Modern Kitchens For Your Queenslander

Modern styles will work well in a Queenslander home, you just have to be careful not to be too safe or overly sleek. It is nice to mix up some elements with your modern kitchen, whether it be some industrial style seating, a unique splash back etc.


herringbone kitchen splash back

Simple white cabinets are offset with a herringbone feature splash back. The island has a thicker bench top, and is finished with copper pendants and Scandinavian styled furniture. Photographed by Hannah Blackmore.


a simple white and timber kitchen

This kitchen is quite minimal but has enough visual interest with the contrasting timber cabinets. Essentially Scandinavian in style and feel, this kitchen would work well in a Queenslander home as it is open and airy.


modern timber kitchen with no wall cabinets

Keeping it simple with timber. The timber matches the flooring and its unique texture and minimal approach make this kitchen very appealing for a Queenslander house.


white, timber and marble kitchen

The VJ grooves in the kitchen cabinets would work well with VJ grooves often found in the walls or ceilings of a Queenslander. The bold but elegant approach to this modern kitchen pays homage to the features found in these traditional styled homes.

Making Use Of The Verandah

One unique feature that Queenslander homes often share is the use of the verandah. Incorporated into the traditional design, the verandah is a place to escape the heat and capture the summer breeze. An ideal spatial layout would be to have the kitchen close to the verandah so that you can extend the kitchen into the verandah space. Below are some images that show ways in which this style of renovation can be achieved.


modern kitchen for a queenslander home

With large bi-fold windows, this kitchen bench extends into the verandah space. The design of the home keeps its traditional features, yet the kitchen is quite modern. The extended width of the bench top gives the kitchen an oversized appeal. The living area seamlessly transitions from indoor to outdoor.


kitchen with overhang to the verandah


modern queenslander kitchen opening up to the verandah

Here is another kitchen that takes advantage of the verandah space. The benchtop extends out into the veranda creating an indoor/ outdoors dining area.


hamptons kitchen opening to the verandah

Simply having kitchen open up to the verandah by means of bifold or sliding doors makes the internal layout feel so much bigger. The large bifold doors create another living area externally that becomes integrated with the kitchen space.


outdoor queenslander kitchen bbq

How about a second kitchen area on the verandah space. This kitchen contains an integrated bbq, fridge, and even a small kitchen island. Perfect for barbecuing on a balmy summers evening.

Making Your Kitchen Island A Feature

The kitchen space in a Queenslander home is often well proportioned. Most usually graced with high ceilings and a large floor area, the kitchen can become the ultimate place to make a statement. Featuring a kitchen island could be a less dramatic approach to work old and new into the space. This way, the rest of your cabinets can work in seamlessly with the existing architecture to create the kitchen island as the showpiece.


tiled kitchen island design

A modern, patterned tile on the kitchen island is a way to bring new life into the existing architecture without committing to a high tech, modern kitchen.


a tiled kitchen island and concrete bench top

This tiled island inspiration comes from a bar in New York but can easily be adapted to suit a Queenslander home. The tile works with both traditional and modern interiors, and paired with a concrete bench top, it looks very chic.


navy blue kitchen island feature

Both the kitchens above are fairly traditional. However, a navy blue kitchen island paired with some feature lighting brings interest and drama to the space.

Renovating a Queenslander requires patience and forethought. When it comes choosing a kitchen style, you can choose to stick to the traditional kitchen style that works in intimately with the architecture. Or, you can also opt for a kitchen style that is modern yet pays homage to the traditional features of the space. Your kitchen can still be a feature in these dreamy and unique Australian spaces.



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