Modern Bathroom Design Taboos You Should Break

Nadia Hursky on April 10, 2015

When it comes to home interiors many people often follow a set of rules that have been passed on through generations and were coined by designers of years gone by. Rules that dictate the foundations of how we should and should not design our homes. However when it comes to the modern bathroom these rules don't need to be followed.

At Blue Tea we believe that every space should reflect the people who inhabit it. That it should be designed around their unique style, individual preferences and lifestyle.

The Blue Tea design team love to break the unwritten rules and interior taboos, so leave your preconceived notions at the door while we fill you in on the modern bathroom design taboos you should definitely break.

1. Challenge Plain Tiles

Square while tiles are synonymous with new bathroom designs as they are perfect for creating a clean white space. Most modern bathroom designs include them and you can be forgiven for thinking that this is your only option. However it is time to start thinking outside of the box as there are plenty of beautiful alternatives.

It is true that white does give the appearance of more space and this is why it is so commonly used in bathrooms which tend to be small spaces. That doesn’t mean that stunning patterned tiles can’t be incorporated.

Coloured, patterned tiles can create a feature and a rythmic pattern. Using them on a single wall, in a recess or alcove works best as these kind of tiles look great framed. Below are some images to inspire.

trendy modern bathroom with patterned tiles

modern bathroom layout with feature wall

shower alcove in modern bathroom

Alternatively you don't have to stick to a single wall with your patterned tile. Be bold and go all out. We love this black and white bathroom featuring a bold pattern with minimal design elements.

modern bathroom with patterned tiles

There are many creative ways to use decorative tiles. This stunning herringbone floor tile featured with the asymmetrical wall-hung unit is a fantastic use of texture and pattern.

2. Challenge Smooth Services

The use of smooth surfaces is another design feature that you will find in the generic modern bathroom. Smooth walls, floors and surfaces are what you expect to see in any mass produced bathroom design but by adding textured materials you add depth to your design and make your bathroom unique to your home and your style.

The images below show how you can utilise texture in different areas; the floor, wall or even the door. Original wooden floors are another great way of using the existing features in your home. Stripped or painted; either way your newly exposed flooring will transform the look of your bathroom. Or if you want to recreate the look, find a stunning timber tile to add a unique touch to your bathroom.

rustic modern bathroom design

brick wall: texture in bathroom

Exposed bricks will always be individual as each brick wall is unique. Think trendy Soho loft.

barn door in modern bathroom

Another area you can add texture is in the door. See the image above for a rustic barn door adding depth and beauty to this otherwise simple bathroom design.

white modern bathroom

You can still keep a simple colour scheme if you are adding texture to your bathroom. This white bathroom combines mosaic tiles in different sizes, thick walls and modern white cabinetry.

modern bathroom with rustic vanity

Just one element is all it takes to transform your bathroom space. Here the vanity unit has a reclaimed timber base with a contemporary top. The look is a rustic, modern simplicity.

herringbone tiles in modern bathroom

Above is another small but cute design element that changes the look and feel of the whole space.

3. Challenge The Square Mirror

Most bathroom mirrors come in variety of square sizes and are generally quite boring. But it is in these kind of details where you can have fun and add your own personal style. In most modern bathroom designs mirrors are incorporated with cabinates and are done so for practicle reason rather than as a style feature.

You would take the time to carefully select a mirror to accompany the style of your living room so you should take the same care when choosing a mirror for your bathroom. Be creative.

antique mirror feature in modern bathroom

elegant bathroom with ornate mirror

circular mirror in bathroom

mirror feature in bathroom

Circular mirrors can soften the clinical lines of a bathroom and area great contrast against the straight edges.

When it comes to designing your modern bathroom you should always think outside of the box. Turn the traditional taboos into style features. Add texture, depth and personality to your bathroom design that compliment your own style.





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