The Best Ways To Utilise A Kitchen Designer

Nadia Hursky on March 19, 2015

The kitchen is the undisputed heart of the home so when it comes to designing a new one it goes far beyond choosing work surfaces and cabinets. Designing a kitchen is about understanding what a family needs and turning in to a livable work of art. This is where your kitchen designer comes in. Once you have decided to take the plunge then your first serious point of contact with any Sydney kitchen company will be your designer. It is this relationship that will be the most important when it comes to turning your dream into a reality.

A trap that many kitchen companies fall into is employing sale people instead of designers. Based on the current model in Sydney most companies use their designers on a commission only basis meaning designers are hired to sell kitchens not design them. Here at Blue Tea we have decided to reinvent the model. We see our designers as our most precious commodity so we selectively handpick our team so that it is made up of only the best designers that Sydney has to offer.

A Brilliant Kitchen Designer

There are many great kitchen designers out there who will do a fine job. You aren’t looking for any of these, you are looking for the one that lives and breathes their passion for design. It is that passion for design and attention to detail that will set them apart from the crowd. As well as their passion they should have excellent product knowledge and communication skills, these are vital to any successful project.

The design collaboration with your kitchen designer is the most important and pivotal stage of your kitchen renovation. After you initial consultation our design experts will use the information you have given them about your desires, needs and lifestyle and deliver to you a kitchen concept. Your designer will make ensure your kitchen is practical and ergonomic as well as beautiful. Your new kitchen design will include layout, all material specifications, colours, finishes and internal hardware. Your kitchen designer will also be able to give advice on other finishes for the space such as flooring and lighting. Our designers guide the look, feel and overall aesthetics of your interior space in order to deliver you the most breath-taking kitchen.


A designer with passion sees design as more than just a job. They have a love of design, an eye for detail and a thirst for knowledge. They are innovative and look for creative solutions to spatial problems while offering up a vision for your space that you could not have conceived yourself.


The best designers have exceptional intuition. They listen to your needs and specific requirements and can design a beautiful, practical kitchen that suits your family’s lifestyle. They can interpret your space and style and understand your aesthetics. An outstanding designer understands that each kitchen and client is different and will never have a one size fits all approach. They should be friendly and always willing to listen to your feedback and offer solutions.

Technical Skills

An expert designer is able to draft detailed designs (hand-drafted or CAD). They will have an excellent understand of the structural aspects of the space including plumbing, electrical and structural details that will all affect the kitchen design.

Product Knowledge

The leading designers have up to date knowledge on all specifications for a new kitchen. These include door materials and finishes, bench top materials, splash back, hardware and appliances. They know which materials work best in each space and which suit each project. They are able to comprehend the whole spatial environment and make suggestions including best location for the kitchen, flooring materials and lighting. The relationship with your designer doesn’t end after your design consultation. They will be there to hold your hand and guide you through the entire kitchen renovation. They will be your point of contact throughout. Learn more about our talented team here.

Here you can see an example of one of our kitchens, designed by one of our expert kitchen designers. This is a typical example of the type of work you can expect from a Blue Tea Designer.


kitchen design plans

kitchen designer elevations

kitchen design island plans

kitchen design concept example

"My role as an kitchen designer is to draw from the imagination and lifestyle requirements of the client. It's our collaboration during the design process that brings life to an amazing interior space that is practical as well as beautiful." Laura Poilly

Your kitchen designer should be passionate, qualified, patient and have great product knowledge. They should seamlessly guide the entire design process, bringing together your needs with their insights. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our company or kitchen design team.





  1. Rachael says:

    Hi Nadia,

    Could you recommend anybody on the north side of Brisbane, QLD to advise & give an estimate on a new kitchen?

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    Rachael 🙂

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Rachael, we have expanded to Brisbane and can definitely can recommend one of our designers there. If you are interested in booking at an appointment contact us via the website or at

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