European Kitchen Designs

Nadia Hursky on August 14, 2011

A detailed plan created and expressed freely is the theme of this award winning design for +ARTESIO kitchen concepts. The picture perfect design combines architectural ingenuity and functionality. All elements are synchronized and harmoniously integrated from the floor, to the walls and ceilings. It gives an impression of an infinite space, a boundless and free-flowing haven for gastronomic creations.

This is the best of the best kitchen design winner in the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2011. This award issuing panel is at the head of one of the world’s most credible professional contests for design concepts. It sets the standards of the visions and creativity for the entire industry. The red dot is an internationally recognized quality seal and it has been in existence since 1955.


European Kitchen

For this seamless fusion of architectural inventiveness and creation, together with top of the line materials used for the +ARTESIO kitchen by Poggenpohl, the manufacturer, it was awarded the top prize in the award competition. Architect Hadi Teherani, the designer, created a kitchen that blended the furniture and interiors perfectly. The combination of splendid structural design with efficiency and practically is well presented in this modern innovative kitchen design. Detailed designs are perfect matches of shelves and glass display cabinets. A very distinct feature is   the novel ceiling that integrates an audio system, power feed, air conditioning unit and the extractor hood.

Another amazing design which won the Best Kitchen Design in National Kitchen and Bathroom Awards 2011 was executed by a very young designer, Melanie Craig, of New Zeland. Judges were impressed by its uniqueness, freshness, and originality. It was designed for a renovated Wanaka home. They all agreed that its total originality clearly made it a winner. The young designer’s creation used exposed plywood and steel which are supported by a trestle leg. The floating cabinetry is supported by horizontal stainless steel beams.  Another kitchen is concealed behind a roller door where the sink, appliances and storage area are contained.



  1. Anne Piezesky says:

    Melanie Craig´s design is truly impressive, considering her age and experience. The roller door idea, in particular, makes this design unique, exciting and original.

    I am not so keen on Hadi Teherani´s kitchen designs, although I see why he was awarded a prize. Very sleek and clever use of light as well.

    1. nadiah says:

      Hi Anne
      Yes, Melanie did a stunning job with her design, minimal yet interesting, thanks for your comment.