The People Who Build Your New Kitchen

Nadia Hursky on August 22, 2011

The Designer

First up, meet your designer. You’re going to get to know your designer pretty well. In just a few hours, your designer will create a vision for your new kitchen based on your needs, your lifestyle and your family. They will guide you to the materials and layouts you need to fit inside your budget and your space. They are so up on recent trends that they know the trends before they’re trendy. When you’re done working with them, you’ll have a kitchen design perfect for your lifestyle, family and budget. It’s a beautiful thing.

New Kitchen Designer

The Project Manager

]You’ve heard nightmares about unfinished kitchens left sitting, while contractors drag their feet and families eat dry cereal, with no end in sight. Your project manager makes sure that doesn’t happen. Like a never-ending Facebook status update, the project manager will give you all the news on how your kitchen development is going. The project manager updates you with developments, and communicates between you and Blue Tea, and between Blue Tea and the factory  to keep your kitchen running to schedule. The project manager also coordinates the Blue Tea CAD team, organises site checks, and overlooks the trades team.

Cad Draftsmen

The Computer Aided Design (CAD) team drafts all the details you discussed with your designer, and gets everything ready for manufacturing your new kitchen. These designs become a visual aid and contain relevant information for the factory. The CAD team hands off a copy of the plan to the site checker.

kitchen CAD draftsmen

Site Checker

Enter the site checker. His job, incredible as it seems, is to check. He measures, reviews, and checks all the specifications you and your designer agreed upon (specific cabinets, colour selections, materials and finishes), to make sure nothing goes wrong. You need to be there for this, so you can give your final approval. The site checker is also a licensed builder. He coordinates your kitchen trades including installation, removal, plumbing, electrical, rendering, etc.  If you have any trades-related questions, he’s the one to ask.



  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Great Article just to help visualize how many people will be running in and out of our house… key contacts etc…thank you

    1. parsyar says:

      Thanks Anne-Marie 🙂

  2. Ben Franklin says:

    Thanks for the Article, and the quote. Looking forward to our new kitchen.

    1. parsyar says:

      You are most welcome Ben. site check next week, we are on our way 🙂

  3. Robert Lloyd says:

    Just thought I would drop a line here to say thank you for all your help. I knew I wanted a kitchen but – to be perfectly honest – I had no idea where to start! From day 1, I was guided through all the details of the process and got to know everybody in the team. I particularly enjoyed the designing bit; I can´t wait to see the final result! 🙂

    1. parsyar says:

      Hi Robert

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on here, and to be honest we are just as excited as you and looking forward to taking a few pictures of the project.

  4. Robert Lloyd says:

    Great service and team; we could not have asked for more. Absolutely recommended! Thank you

    1. nadiah says:

      Thanks, glad you are happy with the end result 🙂