The Curated Kitchen- Sweet Greys and Earthy Textures

Nadia Hursky on July 3, 2015

Our Palette Pick


blue tea kitchen material selection

Material Details & Pros & Cons

Below is a breakdown of the materials to create this look. The below sections will reference the material specifications and point out the positives and negatives of each material.

1. Navurban ‘Earlwood’


[caption id="attachment_8614" align="aligncenter" width="376"]NAV veneers for 2015 kitchen material trend Cabinetry Material NAVurban 'Earlwood'[/caption]

NAVurban Veneers Pros and Cons

The NAVurban range from New Age Veneers is another one of our popular specifications. The reason we love this product so much is because of its large range of textural finishes. From fine grain, to heavy grain, cross grain and rough-sawn qualities there is definitely a texture to suit your project. It is a manufactured product with an embossed surface made from NAVurbans unique Olefin (a synthetic fibre). The range is made using low VOC products, which is both good for the environment and good for you. Unlike natural veneers or timbers, this range has great UV stability meaning it wont fade or discolour in the sun. It is a very durable and resilient material and the textures are diverse and awesome.


The downside is that it is a laid surface which means there is an edge on the door material. Whilst it may not be visible with many colours, you should definitely check in with your designer to see which edge they will specify as there aren’t as many edge choices as there are door choices.

2. Porcelain Tiles Designed By Patricia Urquiola

patricia urquiola tiles splashback

Tile Splash-back by Patricia Urquiola

In this look we wanted to go for something that had a lot of texture. These tiles designed by Patricia Urquiola have just that. Lace has been embossed on the tiles giving them a gentle sculptural feel. They compliment the look of this kitchen design by adding depth and character. If you would like to order these tiles and find out more information on them try Academy Tiles in Artarmon. The tile that we have selected specifically here is Dechirer Mutina 71874

Splash-back Tiles Pros and Cons

Tiles come in a wide variety of textures and colours that can make your splashback become a beautiful feature in your kitchen. Tiles have a genuine warmth and texture to them making them a popular choice in 2015. Glass has been popular for the last few years, but we are definitely now seeing the rise of tile splash backs.

3. West Elm Droplet Glass Chandelier

kitchen lighting for 2015 kitchen trends

Kitchen Lighting Feature By West Elm

The kitchen, with its dark greys and warm textures really benefits from having this style of feature lighting. It compliments the depth of the kitchen, is light and bubbly and lifts the whole space to become fresh and playful. It is available for $499. You can find it on their website under lighting.

4. Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper

[caption id="attachment_8618" align="aligncenter" width="363"]Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper 'Shadow Floral FBW-RF25' Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper 'Shadow Floral FBW-RF25'[/caption]

Florence Broadhurst is an iconic Australian designer. We choose a black and white wallpaper to become a graphic background to the textural kitchen space. Featured here is Shadow Floral FBW-RF25.

5. CaesarStone Bench-Top 'Sleek Concrete

Caesarstone sleek concrete

Sleek Concrete’ Pros and Cons

This is one of Caesarstones new colours and is made to resemble the natural and weathered look of concrete.

Caesarstone is a manufactured stone, in this case it is made to resemble the look of concrete. While it is not concrete it does a brilliant job of replicating it but it doesn't have the same rough and uneven texture concrete has. However, if you are after a sharper looking concrete this is a great alternative. A concrete bench top is typically poured on site, so it can be messy, unpredictable and unstable. Caesarstone will not have this problem and it has superior structural integrity and durability. A matt surface texture however will show up scratches and marks more than a polished surface, but we think this is worth the look and the scratches will add to the patina of the benchtop.

6. Polyurethane Matt Door in Resene 'Half Fuscous Grey

We choose this colour as its the perfect shade of grey. It is dark without being over powering. The matt polyurethane finish is contemporary and urban.

Polyurethane Pros and Cons

Polyurethane is our most specified product because it is simply beautiful. It is a spray painted finish that is then hand buffed and baked to perfection. It’s ultra smooth appearance is its main benefit. As it is painted finish there are no join lines on the edges, making it our most popular choice. You can also specify any colour you would like in any strength making polyurethane a designers dream. You can choose between a matt, satin and a gloss finish.

The cons are that it is slightly more fragile than other doors which have stronger laminated CAD edges. Like a painted car, it can get scratched and damaged if treated poorly. The other thing to keep in mind is that all polyurethane isn’t equally made. Poor quality polyurethane will chip easy and discolour in the sunlight. This is particularly true for imported poly from China and the like, so take care when selecting your suppliers.

7. Polished Concrete Floors

The kitchen is quite rich and textural, so we wanted to contrast the look with polished concrete floors.

Polished Concrete Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to a concrete floor. It is very easy to clean and is very low maintenance. It also doesn’t collect dust or have excessive chemicals used in production which is better for your indoor air quality. However, concrete is a very hard and cold material, which means it may not be suitable for everybody. There are steps you can do to minimise this such as embedding heating channels into the concrete before it is poured. It is also a cost effective way to heat your home in winter. You can also add heavy rugs and furnishings to soften up the hardness of the concrete too.

The Finished Kitchen


2015 kitchen design trend blue tea

We would love to see one of these installed in your space so contact our designers today.





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