Stunning Marble Bench Tops & Beautiful Alternatives

Choosing your kitchen benchtop is one of the most important decisions you will make in your kitchen renovation. It is the surface you will interact with the most on a daily basis. Marble is a beautiful material and many people are attracted to it because of its sense of luxury and grandeur. But marble can […]

How To Save and Where To Splurge On Your Kitchen Renovation

We all want to save money on our kitchen renovation, but we don’t want to sacrifice the quality, look and function of our kitchen design. So, we want to give you a few tips and suggestions for ways you can maximise your kitchen budget and still achieve the kitchen of your dreams. How To Save […]

Designing An Industrial Kitchen Without An Industrial Space

Industrial kitchens are increasing in popularity as we move away from clean minimal lines toward more personalised spaces. An industrial kitchen is robust and practical, beautiful and eclectic. Instead of erasing time with new shiny architecture, we embrace it by letting the history of the space reveal itself. This is the essence of an industrial transformed space. […]

Concrete Kitchens

Concrete kitchens can be striking and timeless, and are a step away from traditional kitchen materials.  Concrete kitchens bring a sense of earthiness and minimalism and suit a variety of different interiors ranging from Scandinavian to Baroque. Inspiring uses of concrete can be found in kitchen bench tops, kitchen islands and splash backs. The key to bringing […]

Kitchen Trends and Material Innovation

Kitchen trends encompass more than simply finding new ways to entertain the consumer. Trends identify underlying human needs and the desire to better humanity. European kitchen trends include the use of materials such as concrete, aluminium, marble and timber. These trends are moving towards nature, and towards social and ethical manufacturing. Toncelli and Valcucini—two favourite […]

Popular Kitchen Materials

Your kitchen is composed of several different materials, finishes and accessories. It will be beneficial to start thinking about the different materials involved in your kitchen before you start your renovation. Here is a quick guide  to help you choose the materials that best suits your needs and desires, and practical tips to avoid mistakes. […]

Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen hardware is a pivotal, practical and outstanding feature of any new kitchen design. The brands leading innovation in Australia are Blum and Hettich. This article looks at the technology behind hinges, drawer storage, and handless doors of kitchens and compares and evaluates these two kitchen hardware brands. Hinges Hinges and runners are the engine […]

Kitchen Benchtops

Kitchen benchtops can be a striking design feature. Though aesthetically pleasing, it is also important that they be durable, hardwearing and waterproof. Popular bench-top materials for your new kitchen include Laminate, Engineered Quartz, Natural Stone (marble or granite), Corian, Stainless Steel and Timber. Learn the pros and cons of using each material. This will help you determine  the most […]

Kitchen Floors

The kitchen floor is susceptible to a vigorous daily workout including high traffic, wear and tear, spills, scratches and sunlight. Consider the following materials for your kitchen floor: hardwood, bamboo, tiles, brick, cork, linoleum, vinyl and laminate composite flooring which have their own unique features and benefits. The kitchen floor takes up the majority of […]

Tile Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks are the icing on the cake of your new kitchen. Tile splashbacks add character and dimension to your new kitchen and come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Tiles for the splashback are making a comeback with many new and gorgeous tiles from which to choose.  Examples To Inspire You Tiles haven’t […]

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