4 Tips To Save You Time And Hassle On Your Bathroom Renovation

We have recently been renovating our investment flat in Bronte and we have been lucky enough to experience the renovation process from our clients perspective. Whilst we have an amazing team of designers and have sourced talented tradesmen,  renovations almost certainly will never adhere to a strict time-line and will come in a little above […]

How To Save and Where To Splurge On Your Kitchen Renovation

We all want to save money on our kitchen renovation, but we don’t want to sacrifice the quality, look and function of our kitchen design. So, we want to give you a few tips and suggestions for ways you can maximise your kitchen budget and still achieve the kitchen of your dreams. How To Save […]

Sydney Kitchen Companies – A Buyers Guide

With over 400 registered kitchen companies in Sydney alone, how can you know who to trust? Who offers excellent quality for competitive prices, and will service you the best? Your new Sydney kitchen renovation can be a seamless process from design, to installation and everything else in between. You just need to do your research, […]

Kitchen Renovation Tips to Increase Property Value

If you plan to sell your home, you want to first increase its property value. A stunning kitchen renovation will do that. The key is to attract the majority of buyers without overcapitalising. The kitchen needs to be universally appealing, sophisticated and reasonably priced to make a return on your investment. Quality, style and design […]

Kitchens and Property Value

Are you looking at increasing your property’s value by adding a new kitchen? Adding a new kitchen is one of the most effective ways to increase your property’s value. However, in order to make a substantial return on your kitchen investment, you must be aware of the buyer’s expectations. Adding A Kitchen to Increase Property Value Your […]

The Average Price of a New Kitchen

Many people ask what a new kitchen will cost. It’s difficult to give an estimate without seeing the space and going through the client’s needs and desires. There is no standard base model from which to amass kitchen prices. Kitchens vary in price due to differing cabinet materials, design complexity, features and fixtures, bench-top and […]

Designing A Budget for Your New Kitchen

  Designing a new kitchen is fun, creative and inspirational. It’s a time to dream, to look through catalogues, and to let your imagination go. In order to have a successful outcome, however, it’s also a time to realistically prepare for the costs involved, and make tough choices. People dream for their kitchen renovation to […]

How To Survive Your Renovation

Planning your new kitchen is an exciting event. However the thought of the actual work may not fill you with that same excitement. In any type of renovation, you can expect tiny annoyances along the way. The important thing is to think clearly and to have a sense of perspective. Here are some tips to […]

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