Scandinavian Kitchens : Choose A Look To Suit Your Lifestyle

Nadia Hursky on February 22, 2016

Minimal and pared down, there is something to say about the simplicity and elegance of the Scandinavian kitchen aesthetic. It is not only a look, but a lifestyle, that can be easily replicated: decluttered, minimal and care-free. By paying attention to detail and simplicity, you can create a Scandinavian kitchen to suit your lifestyle. Below, we have chosen three styles; the monochromatic look, classic white and timber, and a sophisticated grey take on the Scandinavian style.

Bold and Graphic: The Monochromatic Look

The Scandinavian kitchen follows similar design principles found in Scandinavian design; it is simple, monochromatic and bold. The kitchen is a functional representation of Scandinavian style, graphic, stylish and minimal. In the kitchens below, we explore the composition between black and white, form and void.

white and black scandinavian kitchen

The above kitchen belongs to Finnish blogger of #Lagerma Fresh, white and crisp, the kitchen uses subtle black accents. These can be found in the grout of the tile splashback, the slim black bench top and the suspended lighting design. Unpretentious and casual, the kitchen is stylish yet effortless and functional.

black scandinavian kitchen design

scandinavian kitchen with black

These kitchens above use black as a defining feature of the space. The kitchen above uses a palette of charcoal walls, rustic floorboards, and dark wenge cabinetry. The simplicity lies in the streamlined drawers that run the length of the wall, there is no wall cabinetry to clutter the space. Below this, white simple cabinetry is offset by a daring black wall. A black range hood sits disguised in-between. A timber bench top and flooring softens the look.

kitchen space danish style

Shades of black, grey, and white add a strong graphic element to this industrial style Scandinavian kitchen. The black ceiling adds drama to the space.

white scandinavian kitchen

How about adding small touches of black instead of big gestures? Whilst only small changes, the black tapware and lighting give this kitchen a lot of punch.

norweigan kitchen black cabinetry

This kitchen is designed by Rune Aas Strandviks in Trøndelag, Norway. Whilst black is a strong colour, it is not overbearing in this kitchen as there are no wall cabinets. Additional storage is provided by an open shelf rack in black. This keeps the kitchen open and airy.

Classic and Elegant: White on Timber

Mixing light timber tones with kitchen cabinetry defines the classic Scandinavian kitchen. Simple, classy, yet down to earth with an elegant mix of materials, these would be an easy fit for most homes.

scandinavian kitchen featuring marble splash back

There are some beautiful details in this modest kitchen design by Vinciane Fiorentini-Michel. A white laminate bench top with a timber edge, white tap wear, off centred shelves, a beautiful light, and the gorgeous unfinished edge of the marble hexagonal tiled splash back.


How beautiful and striking is this kitchen designed by INT2 architecture? It is playful and minimal with a great mix of textures and art. The plywood wall extends into the ceiling contrasting with the white timber beams and white brick kitchen splash back. Feature lighting replaces wall cabinetry for that added wow factor.

light timber kitchen

Mix up the direction of the timber grain if you want to create a unique twist with timber.

white and timber kitchen

Designed by Katrien Van Doren in Antwerp, this small kitchen is playful and modest, and makes use of texture. An uncomplicated layout is given depth with a white textured wall, hanging lights, and plywood cabinetry for the upper cabinets.

minimal white kitchen design

A simple timber bench top can be enough to add warmth to an entire space. The rest of the design is kept minimal, streamlined, and very white. Designed by Vert Kjøkken.

timber spashback and bench top

The brief for the architects O'Conner and Huole was to 'create a simple house to nurture a love of nature within our children, and instill within them a desire to live slowly'. With great attention to detail and craftsmanship this kitchen certainly instills these values.

A Touch Of Sophistication: Grey

Deviating from the all-white and timber style, grey can be a sophisticated solution to your Scandinavian kitchen design. It is more edgy and daring than white, but not so risky that it's a wild card. Grey comes in all different shades too, so you can veer from slightly off-white to very close to black.

grey scandinavian kitchen design

Charcoal cabinetry, a concrete bench top, and a breathtaking splash back design makes this grey kitchen super stylish. The relaxed and unfinished edge on the hexagonal tiles is playful, as are the hanging lights and open island bench cabinetry.

grey scandinavian kitchen design

Designed by KK Living in Oslo, this lighter grey kitchen is contrasted with white subway tiles and an open layout - giving it a fresh and expansive feel.

concrete and plywood kitchen

Add grey by adding some more texture. The concrete island bar back contrasts with the stainless-steel bench top and plywood cabinetry.

We were consulted recently by Bupa Home Insurance​ on our favourite kitchen styling for their article, 'How to Create the Perfect Australian Kitchen' so read more on what we have to say about Scandinavian there.

It isn't too hard to create a simple and stunning Scandinavian kitchen for your home. Remember to follow this ethos; less is more, declutter your space and mind, and pay attention to material textures and details. From the monochromatic look, to the softer white and timber appeal, there is a Scandinavian style to suit every home.