Rustic Kitchen Design

Nadia Hursky on November 26, 2012

For those that crave texture and depth in their kitchen design, a rustic kitchen offers a dramatic contrast to the sleekness of modern kitchens. When designing your perfect rustic kitchen, don’t forget to include texture in the kitchen doors, benchtops and splashbacks. A kitchen island or even the ceiling can become a feature in your rustic kitchen. 

Play with Textures

The nature of a rustic kitchen allows you to think outside of the square. You can abolish traditional and standard kitchen materials and finishes and opt for more unusual ones. You can use recycled timber or even hanging textural cloth as a replacement for polyurethane or laminate doors.  In some cases you may even decide to get rid of the kitchen door entirely. Open shelves can also be a option for your rustic kitchen. Instead of having items stored away, you can create a story with your personal belongings displayed on shelves.

 This kitchen uses long panels of linen as pantry doors. They contrast with timber-framed glass pantry, a black ceiling and kitchen island.

rustic kitchen

Notice the plentiful texture in this kitchen. Rustic doors and timber benchtops compliment glossy subway tiles and dark grout. The farmhouse-style sink completes the look.

Rustic Kitchen Design

The doors in this kitchen are substituted with cloth that slides open. A polished concrete floor is highlighted with a Scandinavian rug and kitchen table. The room is finished with a timber ceiling and a bold lighting for added personality.

simple rustic kitchen

Accessorise With Your Own Charm

If a complete rustic kitchen is not ideal for your space, you can accessorise with rusting fittings and features. In time, you can add, change and develop your style. These kitchens below have their own styles created by using eclectic pieces.

A kitchen can be dressed up with rustic fittings and accessories that are not structurally permanent. The stools, lighting, table wear and ladder give this kitchen a down-to-earth and modest appeal.

country kitchen rustic

This tiny rustic kitchen is loaded with personality. Open shelves display a collection of personal crockery.

small rustic kitchen

A unique stool can complete your rustic kitchen.

rustic kitchens tool


kitchen island with unique chair

Don’t forget the Ceiling!

The ceiling is often a forgotten space. If you want to create a modest, warm and rustic kitchen, consider the ceiling treatment. From warm timbers to darker ceilings, personalise your space by adding pizazz to your ceiling.

More on the side of an industrial kitchen, the timber ceiling adds warmth and character to the space and contrasts with the sharpness of the stainless steel.

rustic industrial kitchen

The unfinished roughness of this ceiling adds a strong visual impact to this kitchen space.

country style rustic ceiling

A rustic kitchen can be anything you want it to be. From dressing the kitchen with old, worn and unique pieces, to structuring the kitchen from rustic materials, your kitchen will surely be loaded with personality.




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