Kitchen Trends 2014

Nadia Hursky on January 25, 2014

This year is set to see kitchen design explode in Australia with new and creative ways of seeing the kitchen. With the property market booming, we are anticipating home renovations, and in particular kitchen remodels to take the forefront in design this year.

So what can we expect to see in kitchen trends for 2014? Blue Tea are predicting the following design trends: large sweeping gestures, de-cluttered surfaces (and internal cabinets), sculptural lighting, and texture, texture, texture.

1.Bold and Big Gestures

Bold and big gestures will trend in 2014 kitchen designs. Don’t be frightened. Your kitchen doesn’t have to scream brightly at you. The aim is to explore ideas completely. Edge on the side of bigness rather than smallness. Be a little daring. You can still go for an understated and minimal look, but the overriding idea is big.

We are talking about large statement islands, splash-backs that dominate, and materials that inspire.

Sweeping Kitchen Islands

Your kitchen island can be a statement in its own right. Unique island design in your kitchen will trend in 2014. Your island doesn’t need to be the same as the rest of your kitchen cabinetry. It can differentiate in terms of colour, material or style.

Let your kitchen island be a statement piece.

kitchen island trend 2014

Kitchen Flooring- Oversized Floorboards

Your kitchen floor is likely the largest surface area in your kitchen, so don’t leave it as an afterthought. We love the look of these oversized herringbone timber floorboards.

This image demonstrates stunning kitchen trends for 2014. Bold yet simple gestures; oversized floorboards, a statement island, and a focus on the contrast of texture.

Kitchen Trends 2014

Oversized Splashback Statements

Let your splash-back speak in 2014 through materials and gestures rather than colour. Tiling to the ceiling is a definite kitchen trend in 2014. Gone are the days of tiles with fiddly inlaid borders, think big and tile to the sky! If  your splashback is beautiful, emphasize the size of it by de-cluttering the surfaces around it. Eliminate wall cabinets, or choose floating shelves to compliment your gesture.

This simple and open kitchen space is visually dramatic with its tiled wall surface to the ceiling. Notice the lack of wall cabinets to emphasise its majesty.

Another sweeping gesture in this tiled kitchen splash back, with the tiles extending to the ceiling. This kitchen is designed by Holloways of Ludlow

white subway tile splash back | hamptons kitchen

This kitchen uses marble and copper lighting as a splash back feature which is both powerful and elegant.

marble splashback feature

2. Declutter Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a focal point in your house and may even be a big part of your living space. 2014 kitchen trends sees these spaces as open and clean, even if the style of your kitchen isn’t contemporary. Time to evaluate all that clutter in your drawers and cupboards. Is it all necessary? Do you make use of it all? Decluttering your cupboards will not only clear space in your kitchen, it will also clear your mind. Having less stuff means your new kitchen design can be more adventurous. Instead of worrying about where you will put your unused wedding gifts, you can focus on the design of your space. Opening up wall surfaces by eliminating wall cabinets is a kitchen trend we will see emerge in 2014.

This kitchen also offers a minimal and open approach to design for simple and uncomplicated living.

kitchen 2014

 Hanging open kitchen shelves provide storage without making the space look heavy or cluttered.

open kitchen shelves

3. Sculptural Lighting

Lighting design is integral to any well-designed space. Instead of leaving lighting as an afterthought, start to think about the kitchen lighting as part of the conceptual design stage. You will need to consider the workspaces in your kitchen and provide ample light for food preparation. But it is also important to create ambient lighting. This can be in the form of striking pendant lighting, or more subtle up-lighting.  We also love the sconce lighting in replacement of wall cabinets.

Kitchen lighting features will be more sculptural and geometric in 2014. We love this light designed by Lindsey Adelman.

kitchen lighting design

The simplistic geometry of the kitchen light acts as a focal point in this stunning kitchen.

kitchen light feature

Minimal wall cabinetry and a dramatic kitchen light complete the design statement in this space.

kitchen lighting feature

Consider adding lighting features from the wall too.

wall mounted kitchen lighting

4. Design Is In The Detail

Carefully constructed, high-quality, cabinetry minus any filler panels is not exactly a kitchen trend. It is a mandatory feature. However, consider other items that may be left as an after thought. For instance, if the kitchen design is fairly minimal, the tap is going to stand out, so choose a high quality tap that looks great. Brass fittings are making a comeback in 2014. Also choose a high-quality sink. We tend to  underestimate how often these get used!

Your kitchen tap is going to be a feature by default in your new kitchen, so choose wisely. Brass is still making a comeback in 2014.

brass kitchen tap

A black kitchen tap compliments the design of this space.

black kitchen tap

A gold kitchen tap stands out boldly in this kitchen design.

gold tap in the kitchen

5. Texture

You guessed it. 2014 is about exploring texture in your kitchen. Rough kitchen walls contrasting with satin cabinetry. Sun-kissed timber contrasting with monotone surfaces. The kitchen is a tactile environment, so let it delight all of your senses.

A combination of marble splash back and oak cabinetry by Scott and Scott Architects is a visual and tactile delight in this small kitchen.

Scott & Scott Architects | marble bench top detailing | Blue Tea Kitchens

A mix of textures with concrete, timber and polyurethane. 

concrete island with texture

A mix of timbers and dark cabinetry are a winning kitchen trend for 2014.

kitchen contrasting materials

Kitchen trends for 2014 are a mix of enticing and exciting mix of materials with big overall gestures; islands that stand out, splash-backs that dominate, and lighting that is geometric and dramatic. De-cluttered surfaces and walls will allow your kitchen to truly stand out and past the test of time.