Bellevue Hill Kitchen Concept | Showcasing marble, strong lines, subtle curves and fluted glassBlue Tea Kitchens
Bellevue hill kitchen concept showcasing fluted glass, slimline curved shaker doors and a striking marble benchtop and spashback.
bellevue hill kitchen island with marble, fluted glass, rendered walls and subtle curves

Bellevue Hill Kitchen Concept

Earthy Minimalism- our latest creation. Our Bellevue Hill Kitchen concept is warm and inviting with strong lines and rich materials. With a strong reference to mother nature, we wanted to embrace natural elements in the minimal kitchen. To capture the moving motions of sunlight. To feel the warmth of the rendered walls. To appreciate the ageing brass features and a striking stone bench-top and splash-back.

Cabinetry details are refined with our understated and luxurious minimal kitchen; slimline curved shaker doors. A subtle, refined and modern interpretation of the classic shaker-style doors. We have used opaque fluted glass doors to lighten the island and space, giving it an ethereal feel.  Solid marble and earthy rendered walls keep the space grounded. Brass fittings are bold and luxurious and contrast with the texture in the marble.

The marble used in this kitchen is the striking Calacatta Viola, a purple veined marble. As it is a natural stone, each slab will vary in colour, depth and pattern and will have its own charisma. In terms of pricing, this stone is on the higher end. We have included an elongated, custom shelving ledge in marble too. There are other less expensive ways to create this mood though. For example, you can use 600 x 1200 mm marble porcelain tiles for the splash-back. You can then pair this with an open floating timber shelf that extends the length of the kitchen. Whilst still retaining the bespoke curved shaker doors.

Rendered walls are a stunning contrast to the detailed and exquisite stone. The walls are bare, minimal and textural. They are reminiscent of Mediterranean living; simple, carefree and natural. Often limestone and natural pigments are used in the render mixture which adds an element of natural beauty. These products are non-toxic and inexpensive. Rendered walls work well on curves and subtle bends. We have included a hidden range-hood in a curved rendered encasement. The curves are soft and organic. They are a nice contrast to the detail and drama of the Calacutta Viola stone.

Lighting was a pivotal decision in this kitchen space. The lighting selection needed to be bold, but not overpowering. We selected the stunning handcrafted pendant from Allied Maker. These lights are custom-made in the USA.  A Brass finish with oxidized oak timber detailing was chosen for the main pendant light. We selected wall feature lighting  which is constructed from solid bleached oak timber.

Tap fittings are in Brushed Nordic Brass by Brodware, an Australian company. We decided to use a pot filler- an item associated with more traditional kitchens. It does not look out of place though in this minimalist kitchen. We predict pot filler tap fittings making a comeback in both modern, traditional and minimal kitchens. They are practical, complementing the kitchen like a piece of jewellery.

Timber floors are by Havwood. We selected a light oak timber with a cool grey and pink undertone called Blanco Character. We went for the wide plank option (260 mm) for a warm and minimal feel.

The cabinetry is a satin polyurethane in Dulux Casper White Quarter. This is a warmer white, which works with the floor, stone and rendered walls. The warmer grey undertones mean that it is not stark or clinical. It creates a space that is light, spacious and inviting.  We introduced a curved slimline profile on the upper corners of the cabinetry. It adds a layer of bespoke detailing and softness to the space.

The details unite in this earthy and minimal kitchen in Bellevue Hill. This space is timeless, bespoke, understated and inviting.

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Designer: Blue Tea Kitchens