Concrete Kitchens

Nadia Hursky on November 19, 2014

Concrete kitchens can be striking and timeless, and are a step away from traditional kitchen materials.  Concrete kitchens bring a sense of earthiness and minimalism and suit a variety of different interiors ranging from Scandinavian to Baroque. Inspiring uses of concrete can be found in kitchen bench tops, kitchen islands and splash backs.

The key to bringing the wow factor to your concrete kitchen is to select a high-quality installer who specialises in concrete bench tops, opposed to a general concrete layer. The detail and knowledge that a specialist brings is paramount to the longevity of your concrete kitchen. Professional installation will ensure the concrete is seamless and crack-free.

Keep in mind the maintenance of your bench top. Concrete is porous and will need to be regularly sealed to keep it stain-free from acidic and oily foods. Many people dismiss this, then are disappointed with the wear and tear of their concrete. However, if you have concrete professionally installed and keep up the maintenance, the results can be downright gorgeous.

Concrete Kitchen Benchtops

This kitchen is designed by German architects Steininger. It is a beautiful kitchen, appearing simple and understated, yet it is quite complex in its engineering and ingenuity.

concrete kitchen design

The concrete island is delicately detailed with the appliances being integrated into the thickness of the concrete. One advantage to concrete is that it can be customisable and seamless. Below are images of the detailing of the sink and cooktop.

concrete sink detail

benchtop detail in concrete

This concrete kitchen can be found in the Sorrento House by Robert Mills Architects. It is unashamedly raw and exposed use of concrete is the centrepiece of this kitchen. The thick concrete structure outlines the kitchen island, fridge and pantry areas.

kitchen with thick concrete structure

This bench top was installed by Brisbane concrete installers Pop Concrete. The bench top appears to be floating off the cabinets and the cabinets themselves appear to be floating off the floor. The concrete is juxta-positioned with timber and white cabinetry, giving the kitchen a Scandinavian look.

concrete kitchen

The philosophy of German-born, Italian-based designer Katrin Arens is 'Less is More'. Her minimal kitchen design is quite stark and elegant. The concrete bench top sits on-top of washed out timber cabinets. The polished concrete floors and white high walls enhance this kitchens bold structure. 

concrete kitchen with timber

Concrete works nicely with timber as it a natural, raw and modern combination. This kitchen is designed by Wespi De Meuron Romeo Architects in an historic house in Switzerland. Concrete is used in the walls, floors and ceiling and bench top bringing a sense of unity to the space.

concrete kitchen wespi de mourn

Concrete Kitchen Islands

Concrete used in kitchen islands is both earthy and ethereal. The advantage of concrete is that it is poured on site and can be completely customisable. The whole design, including sinks, open shelves, etc., can be concrete. There also won’t be any join lines in the bench top.

Concrete doesn’t always have a flat and polished look. Old timber boards served as a mould for the poured concrete in this kitchen. The result creates texture and warmth.

This whole kitchen island is cast out of concrete. This means the internal structure allows for long spans of open shelves which is hard to achieve in timber or melamine because of the materials flex. Contrasted with a chandelier and exposed timber beams, this kitchen is beautiful.

concrete kitchen island open shelves

Concrete is paired with stainless steel to create a sleek and industrial kitchen.

concrete island with stainless steel

Concrete Splashbacks

Concrete is not often considered as a splash back. Industrial and minimal, concrete splash backs are porous, so they need to be sealed correctly. The kitchens below show concrete splash backs installed as large tiles.

minimal kitchen with concrete splash back


concrete cplashback with black cabinetry


concrete splashback with timber

Concrete kitchens are a great choice if you are wanting something different and a little edgy. They suit a variety of interiors and add a timeless and minimalist approach to the space. Make sure its installed by professionals and you will enjoy your space for many years to come.