2017 Top Four Emerging Kitchen Trends

Nadia Hursky on January 25, 2017

2017 kitchen trends brings with it some new and exciting concepts. We will see the revitalisation of some older ideas merged with fresh interpretations. We will be looking for a calm, collected and functional kitchen space, one that takes us back to our roots but emerges us in todays society. Contemporary farmhouse will be the buzz word in 2017 kitchen trends. We will be seeing the Hamptons style kitchen continue to grow in popularity. Thin bench tops are going to be making a statement, as too are tiled kitchen islands. 2017 is going to be an exciting year for kitchen design.

2017 Kitchen Trends:

1. Contemporary Farmhouse

Contemporary Farmhouse is a new style of kitchen that is emerging in 2017. It is a dash of country, a dash of industrial with a splash of Scandinavian style all rolled into one. This style of kitchen is characterised by a kitchen that is detailed in some elements, and paired back in others. For example, the doors may be detailed with a V-groove stripe or a shaker profile. It is then paired with simplicity; no wall cabinets, a modern bench top and contemporary brass fittings. The clutter usually associated with a farm style kitchen is replaced with minimalism. The result; a fresh but warm environment that is inviting, yet functional and decluttered.


grey farmhouse modern kitchen | Blue Tea 2017 Kitchen Trends

Above is kitchen that has fused together farmhouse with contemporary elegantly. The kitchen has V-groove panelling doors that pay homage to the farmhouse style. It is then mixed with industrial concrete floors and black framed glass doors. The overriding Scandinavian minimalist approach is clean and fresh. This is a beautiful and refreshing space that combines these elements so gracefully.


contemporary farmhouse kitchen | 2017 Kitchen Trends Blue Tea

This kitchen is bold and graphic with its strong use of black and white. Large dark stained V-groove doors are contrasted with expansive slabs of white marble. Some bold gestures are at play here and the results are striking.


small kitchen in grey | Blue Tea Kitchens

Small and petite, this kitchen fits it all in. Oozing style, this kitchen is compact and fuses elements of a traditional and modern kitchen.


black and white version of a modern farm-style kitchen

Another black and white version of a modern farm-style kitchen. Clean lines are detailed with V-groove panels and oversized light shades. Simplicity meets style here.


contemporary grey and white kitchen | Blue Tea

This kitchen shows the merging of two very different styles and has a classic/ modern twist. This open plan kitchen is designed by interior architect Indrė Sunklodienė from Lithuania. Grey modern cabinetry is contrasted with detailed panelling on the the pantry doors. Old meets new here and the two styles are blended together to create something fresh, original and fun.

2. Tiled Kitchen Islands

Tiled kitchen islands are set to gain momentum in 2017 kitchen trends. This is an area that has often been neglected in terms of design. However, designers are now seeing this as a new piece of canvas to complete their designs. Tiles are a great option as it adds texture, colour, depth and interest. Below are a few different styles of kitchens that have utilised tiles in the island. The results are breathtaking.


open plan kitchen with island

This beautiful and simple kitchen is rich in texture. Cabinetry is kept simple, and textural tiles are used throughout the space. The moroccan kitchen island is the feature with its heavily detailed tiles. It offsets the simplicity of this space and the tile choice make it truely stunning.

Tiled Geometric Splashback | 2017 Kitchen Trends Blue Tea


Dramatic geometric tiles are used as a feature in this space. Choosing a strong tile for your kitchen island works best if the rest of the space is minimal.


Terrance Conran Kitchen | Blue Tea Inspiration

Terence Conran is the British design icon of the Conran Store. This is his kitchen island built for practicality. Whilst not a statement piece, the island ties in to the overall kitchen design.


2017 Kitchen Trends: Green tiled island | Blue Tea Inspiration

Designed by Australian architects Bates Smart, this kitchen is bold and sassy. The cabinetry is kept simple in classic white with brass accessories . The green tiled kitchen island is similarly close to Pantones colour of the year 'Greenery'.

3. Hamptons and Beyond

Hamptons style kitchens are for those seeking depth and a touch of opulence in their kitchen space. Originating from the Hamptons in Long Island, NY these kitchens are characterised by their coastal grace and attention to detail. If you would like to understand more about this style, read more here: Hamptons Kitchens.  What we are seeing in 2017 is a more updated version of this style with soft whites and greys becoming popular.


Nautical Hamptons Kitchen | 2017 Kitchen Trends Blue Tea

Soft whites characterise this Hamptons style kitchen. Nautical and minimal the detailing is precise. Suspended cabinetry changes the proportions of the doors and gives it a modern edge.


Grey and White Hamptons Kitchen | Blue Tea

The colour scheme is perfect in this kitchen. Soft whites and pale greys create a serene and sophisticated palette.


Grey Hamptons Kitchen by Three Birds Renovations

This open planned Hamptons kitchen designed by Three Bird Renovations is understated and chic. Calming greys and off whites bring a sense of tranquility and style to this beautiful space.

4. Bench-tops: Thin are In

Barely-there thin bench tops are a look that is going to be gracing 2017 kitchen trends. Throughout the years thick, substantial bench tops have been dominating the style files. But with recent technologies bench tops now are available in super thin sizes offering great strength and durability.

If you are looking for a thin bench top there are a few options; engineered stone, corian, porcelain and stainless steel. Caesarstone,  have released a 12mm range in certain colours that is worth checking out. Corian is an acrylic surface that comes in various thicknesses with 6mm being the thinnest. Porcelain is a fairly new bench top material in Australia that comes in large slab sizes at 12mm. The installation cost of this is still quite high as fabricators don't particularly like working with the large and thin sizes. They come in a huge range of colours and finishes and in time, installation cost should come down as it gains popularity. Stainless steel can be manufactured to suit in terms of length and thickness.

Below are some images that demonstrate how graceful these bench tops can look.


A thin black bench top completes this kitchen. Black cabinetry, black handles, a black cooktop and bench top  make the kitchen look integrated and effortless. Upper cabinets are crafted with a chevron pattern and matched with brass lighting.

stainless steel kitchen by ILB | Blue Tea


A very sleek and minimal kitchen designed by ILB Interiors in Germany. The stainless steel kitchen is crafted with precise detailing. The accuracy of the kitchen is contrasted with the textured and layered brick wall. 2017 kitchen trends are about just this; creating a balance between old and new, organic and precise.


20mm marble and timber veneer is used in this kitchen designed by De Rosee Sa in London. Rich in texture, not much is needed to adorn this kitchen. The marble extends into the splash back and then forms a small ledge. The splash back is integrated and minimal. We will be seeing more of this look in 2017.


thin natural stone bench top

This kitchen also uses 20mm natural stone and timber veneer. Again the stone extends to the wall to create a thin and minimal splash black.

2017 kitchen trends sees new and exciting developments in design. Old values are reconstructed in new ways.  The traditional farmhouse kitchen gets a fresh interpretation. Tiles will be making a dramatic appearance in kitchen islands. 2016 saw the increased popularity of the Hamptons kitchen, this style will continue to grow and become refined. Finally, thin bench tops are in and are here to stay for a while. We are excited to see the developments of these concepts integrated into our designs at Blue Tea.







  1. Mike says:

    Thanks Nadiah,
    I’m in the midst of planning our kitchen renovation and this was helpful!

    Mike in Canada

  2. Andi Williams says:

    Excellent list of kitchen trends. I love the tiled kitchen islands! I think the Hamptons kitchens just never go out of style.

  3. Susan Robertson says:

    Is it too Kisch to tile a bench top? I know it was ‘in’ in the 70’s/80’s but now?

    1. Nadia Hursky says:

      Hi Susan, I think if you choose the right tile with your design it could certainly look very contemporary!